Eddie and Misty Wilson Prayer Letter: Blessings upon BlessingsWe have initiated a new reporting process this quarter and are currently collaborating with our partners to get it dialed in for accurate reporting. We are pleased to announce that we had over 1,500 individuals confirmed that received Christ. With media, we know that there are many more, but these are confirmed with accurate data.

Moreover, two countries have added more languages to their platforms, which is an exciting development. Additionally, we are thrilled to share that the new studio in Mexico, which was completed in May, has begun airing its broadcast. Furthermore, we are in the early stages of establishing a television studio in India.

Regarding Impact Others, we have already provided assistance for the first round of projects, resulting in our ability to help over 9,890 individuals.

Only Heaven will be able to tell the impact your giving has made. Thank you so much for your continued support and generosity.

In Christ,

Eddie Wilson
Christian Media International


Since we aired on March 1, we have gotten some traction on social media. During the first week, we saw . . .
56,000-plus people view/interact with our posts.
114 people write in, saying they’ve accepted Christ.
51 people write in, looking for a church here in Perú.
52 people write in, asking for more information about salvation.


Below are testimonies from the television broadcast in Ghana:
“On Sunday, Benjamin, who has been watching us on TV3 for one year, came to visit our church. To God be the glory!”
• “Faustina Appiah is the lady who got saved through the TV program. She joined our church because of the TV program. Today we were able to baptize five of our converts at Lake Bosomtwe, and she was part of the group.”

Impact Others aided Team Ghana with installing eight different boreholes by way of the Water Borehole Project. Twelve people were saved through one of these projects, and here are some of the other responses:
• “To God be the glory, yesterday the FBC of Kunsu borehole was dug and went very well. On our way to this area, Michael Naab (the pastor of this church) and I had the opportunity to preach on a public bus . . . and some decided to trust Christ Jesus alone for their salvation . . . .”
• “We have had over 80 people come to our church to get water since we made it known to the community last week that they can come for water. We are working to get their phone numbers so that we can do the follow-up . . . .”


(from some of our featured partners)

1. Needs of the poor, ministers, and pastors
2. New souls who accepted Jesus Christ
3. The youth—atheism, poverty, and economic situation

1. Help us pray for the next television program.
2. Pray that many people will come to know Jesus Christ.

1. People to accept Jesus as their Saviour
2. Protection from the Hindu movements
3. More Bibles, Gospel tracts, and motorbikes