Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  An Interesting MixAn Interesting Mix

In September and October, we were forced to say goodbye to some; and, as you know, it wasn’t easy. One large family expressed their differences, and it came as a shock when we realized that we were not on the same page. A few others had to stop coming to church due to age and infirmity. One of our members recently died. In many places, these things don’t have much effect on a church, but in England, they really do. This is because we minister in a country with an unchurched culture. These things hurt! That’s why it’s always a comfort to know that you are all praying. We appreciate your backing with faithful love and financial support. Thanks so much!

Not Giving in Though

We are now at 176 people who have bowed their heads this year, professing their faith in Christ! The goal is still set for 200 by the end of the year. The joy is that even through the opposition, our regular crowd is stepping up with faithfulness to church and fellowship with each other. People are visiting. They remark about how friendly and welcoming we are. Little by little, people who have been missing are trickling back, and others are coming and joining us. People are meeting me for soul winning and visitation. The Gospel is the answer. We are heading forward with new resolve, and we know you are praying for us to faithfully move forward for Christ. This we will endeavour to do.

Our Thanks to Special Friends

It was exciting to recently host Pastor Kevin Cowling and the Valley Baptist Church on a weekend of September at our church. On Saturday, their group of 15 went soul winning in our city center. They were such a wonderful testimony of goodness and grace on that day. It was refreshing! On that Saturday, 10 people came to Christ. Two of those were Curtis and his daughter Eve. They started faithfully attending our church, and it’s a joy to have them with us. Both have trusted Christ and are requesting baptism. Last Sunday, Eve walked in and said, “Here we are again at this wonderful church, and it’s warm in here too.” Amen! Thanks, Brother Cowling, for your friendship and support. It was fun to share the college years and later ministry. God bless you for your special kindness, not only from you, but also from your dear family, who are all precious people and dear to our hearts.

Family News

Mary Beth, Jeremy, and I were able to visit our boys at Hyles-Anderson College recently. They had me teaching some of the classes due to the kindness of the college faculty and our dear sending pastor, John Wilkerson. God is using him to do an amazing work
there in Hammond, so it’s a joy to send our precious sons there. They are both doing great, and we are thrilled with their progress! We couldn’t be happier. God is so good. We realize that these blessings are due to your kindness and prayer. Thanks for all that you do. Keep praying. There are exciting days ahead!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy