Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Getting StrongerGetting Stronger

The round of hospital and doctor visits have begun to slow as Mary Beth continues to improve. She is now using one crutch and is able to drive and resume some church work. The doctors are pleased with her steady progress. Please pray for continued infections to be resolved. Last week we went to Scotland to pay final respects to Mary Beth’s mother, as she was unable to attend her own mother’s funeral in March. Our sincere thanks for all who have supported us in prayer through this difficult time of mourning and healing.

Busy Summer

It has been a work-filled summer with U.S. guests, discipleship lessons, hospital visits, church visitors, and big days. In June we had a big day with 109 in church and 10 first-time visitors. We have had 41 people saved so far this year! We now have a man in our church who is actively out witnessing with us on Saturdays, and many are receiving Gospel tracts. Inroads are being made in our community and nation.

Helpers Helping

Joshua and Jeremy have been excellent helpers, caring for their mom and covering many duties in church, but we are all now glad to have Daniel’s help while he is home from Hyles-Anderson College for the summer. He is working every day on projects for the church, such as writing invitation letters for our Vacation Bible School to be held in August. It’s good to have him soul winning on Saturdays and visiting during the week, and he is also studying online coursework for college. Welcome back to the mission field, MK.

The Need Over Here

Bro. and Mrs. Mike Cox were just with us three weeks ago. It was a joy to have them visit. They are in good health, but it is important to note that none of us are getting any younger. Two weeks ago we mourned the passing of Missionary Bill Smith, who died after a bout with cancer. It is now much harder to get set up as missionaries to England as recently exhibited by the Williams family having to raise $16,000 just to get visas to move here. Also, the UK government has changed, and things are becoming a little unsteady for people in Britain. Many are searching for answers that only Christ can provide. Without a doubt, it’s a good time to be here laboring for Jesus. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. There is no greater need than the present; I can assure you!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy