Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Do You Really See?“Mine eye affecteth mine heart . . . .” (Lamentation 3:51) The Gospels record the similar actions of Jesus in Matthew 9:36, “But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them . . . .” Once again, the eyes have played a role in our increasing support level. One of our first meetings this past month was at Fellowship Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina. We had been looking forward to this meeting for a while, and we were not disappointed. Pastor Finley allowed me to present our ministry, which went as usual, but what surprised me was his call for a vote to take us on for support. His church already supports the Johnstons, with whom we’re going to work, and he’s been to Toronto and taken part in the work Bro. Johnston is doing. After I spoke about our calling, Bro. Finley spoke very highly of Bro. Johnston and very urgently about getting some help to him in Toronto. After we drove off that night, we were amazed that this rare situation had happened again.

Liz and I reflected that nearly every instance we can recall in which we’ve visited a church where the pastor has been to the field and seen it with his own eyes, we have been taken on for support. The eye truly does affect the heart. God used my eye to affect my heart when I first visited the Toronto area. I saw so many people from so many places, and my heart broke for their need of the Gospel. The effect is the same when we meet people all over this country who’ve been to or through Toronto. They tell us, “I’ve see it myself, and they need churches there.” It has dawned on me that, with regards to raising support, the most important thing a missionary needs to do is to get people to clearly see the need in his field. What is it that I seek for in every meeting? It’s not big love offerings, fancy meals, or extravagant shopping trips. What I long for is for people to see Toronto, not just simply hear about it, because I want what they see to affect their hearts. An affected heart is moved with compassion towards the souls of people who desperately need the Gospel.

I have a simple prayer request for this month that those churches we’ve visited and the ones we will visit this year will see Toronto for what it is—one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. Yes, we did visit other churches near home in Virginia and North Carolina, but this has been heavy on my heart. We’ve met some great people and made many new friends this month whom I believe do see souls in Toronto in need of Christ’s love. Pray for God to increase our support during this lengthy trip we’re now on. We won’t see home until the middle of October, and it will only be briefly before we’re out until the beginning of December. We have much riding on these next meetings. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert