Charlie Vest Prayer Letter:  Heart Attack!At about 3:00 a.m. on July 13, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and felt some pain in my chest. I awoke Kay and told her something just did not feel right. Twenty minutes later we were in the emergency room at our local hospital. I was having a heart attack, but because we reacted so quickly, they were able to administer medication and stabilize me for a three-day stay in ICU. On Monday, July 18, I was released and sent home to rest before I could have an angiogram. The nearest heart center is 3½ hours away, and I now have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, for the angiogram. We are praying that the blockage can be controlled and reversed and that there will be no need for any stent. I am trusting in the Lord that I will not need open-heart surgery.

I feel very good right now, having lost my bulging stomach and about six pounds. Kay has adjusted my diet, and I am getting a lot of rest. She and Brianna have stayed very strong and supportive. We have had peace through this entire ordeal and are trusting God for an outcome that will bring glory to Him. Since Kay announced the news to some friends on Facebook right after the attack, we have felt the prayers of people all over the world. Please continue to pray, as we feel the Lord will raise me up because He still has much for us to do throughout Asia.

I will write an update in a few weeks about the exciting things the Lord has been doing through A.W.B.M. Please pray for an upcoming conference with over 300 pastors on August 25 – 26 here at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, General Santos City.

We love you and feel very loved by your prayers and personal support of us!

Resting in Him,

Charlie Vest