Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: Upcoming Missions Trip to PeruWe hope our April prayer letter brought everyone up to date with regard to what the Lord has done recently, along with our plans for the near future. Thank you for your prayers for my father as he recovers from surgery and for Lana as she continues to help him in a home- health nursing capacity.

We now desperately need the Lord’s direction and blessing, so we need your prayer support. A month from today on Friday, I’m to arrive in Iquitos, Peru, to meet up with Pastor Foust and his team from the Peruvian churches and Pastor Grindstaff with his church group from North Carolina. We’ll then work together to make last-minute preparations for the big conference to follow, when there will be teaching and preaching for pastors, leaders, ladies, young people, children, and public-health folks.

Lord enabling, on Sunday, the 18th, we hope to serve in as many churches as possible. On Monday, we’ll go downriver to the village of Indiana. From Indiana, groups will go out on the Amazon and tributaries, visiting nearby villages, preaching the Gospel, giving out water-purification units, and inviting the people to Indiana for the services that evening. From Tuesday through Thursday, we will be in Iquitos, preaching and teaching in a conference entitled “Love God, Love Your Neighbor.” I’m to teach six medical sessions (first aid and wound care), primarily designed for about 150 village health representatives, and I’ll have the opportunity to preach an afternoon message to everyone at the conference.

There has been tremendous interest on the part of the regional, Peruvian medical leadership. They are inviting many of their workers. Estimates that they have given run up to 200 in one case. Obviously, we need the Holy Spirit’s power and direction because the audience will vary from villagers who have been assigned the job of being the local medical representative, without any real training, up to qualified doctors and nurses from the local hospitals. The common thread is that we expect many, many people to arrive who are not yet born again, and we’re prayerfully preparing to (1) provide the instruction that would help and (2) present the Gospel effectively to as many of them as possible.

Please pray specifically for this conference week, June 18-22. Please pray for journey mercies, that we will have God’s clear direction with regard to what He would have us teach and preach, that we would manifest God’s love, that many would hear and understand the Gospel message, and that many souls would be saved.

That all might hear,

Dan and Lana Siemer