Baraka and Melanie Hall Prayer Letter: Celebrating the Goodness of GodThese past three months, we have had much for which to celebrate and praise God! We had four beautiful baby dedications. This is a traditional and sweet time for our church and the families. We celebrate God giving the mother a safe delivery and a healthy baby, as well as welcome her and the baby back to church. Our church came together to pray for each of the parents and families as they endeavor to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

The first Sunday of March, we celebrated the 6th Anniversary of Hope Fundamental Baptist Church for the Deaf. It has been six years that the Lord has blessed His church. For six years, the Gospel has been given out faithfully to the Deaf in their language here in Ghana. Our celebration ended with a new visitor understanding the Gospel and putting his faith in Christ alone for salvation and two Deaf ladies being baptized. This visitor was one of the fifteen Deaf who have trusted in Christ for salvation these past three months. That is something to celebrate!

Some of you may recall some of the short- and long-term goals we mentioned while on furlough and in our last prayer letter. The first was the training centers. We are excited about and praising God that our sewing training center is close to being completely ready. Please pray that this ministry would not only reach more Deaf for Christ, but would also empower Deaf women to glorify God with their work. Secondly, please pray for our next training center, the bakery. We have yet to receive our shipment of baking supplies from America. We also need to obtain the necessary certificates for the bakery to comply with city regulations.

We have had several individuals and churches reach out to us about the purchase of our current church property. We are extremely grateful for this. It is encouraging to know you all are ready to help us make this happen. Right now, we do have 2½ years remaining on our lease. We again reached out to the steward of the property; he is a kind man. At the moment, the actual owner is living in Europe. He is not ready to sell but is willing to discuss it when he visits Ghana again. This was one of our long-term goals. We are not discouraged. It is in God’s time. What we are asking for now is just prayers for this door to open.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family and ministry. We know God is faithful and able. Please pray for wisdom as we strive to do more for the Lord here in Ghana!

Your co-laborers for Christ,

Rocky, Melanie, Rocky II, Malachi, Tyler, and Marissa