Dan and Deb Rothwell Prayer Letter: The Fishing HoleHafa Adai from the beautiful island of Guam, the land of endless summer.

This time of year here in Guam is my favorite. The temperature drops to the low 70s in the late evenings and early mornings, the fuchsia colors of the bougainvillea are vivid, and the ocean waters are striking, varying from translucent aquamarine near the shore to white-tipped sky-blue waves breaking on the reef to deep ocean blue beyond the reef. Relative humidity is at its lowest, causing the grass and vegetation to “slow grow,” helping to ease the efforts of weekly year-round maintenance. And for that I am very thankful, because the rest of the year, they grow like “Jonah’s gourd.”

Since the last update, the Lord has used me personally to lead 54 people to Christ.

The Fishing Hole

A “homeless street couple” approached me and asked for money. I told them that I could not help them. Afterwards, I thought, I could help them . . . with the Gospel. So, for the next few weeks, I looked for them at the same location and, in the process, led more than 40 people to Christ. I did see them again and was also able to lead them to Christ. I kept on soul winning in that area, but eventually, the fishing hole dried up. Either I met people I had already talked to, or word spread, and pedestrians began walking around the block to avoid me. But for that few weeks’ stretch, it was one of the greatest soul-winning spots I have ever experienced.

A man I had led to Christ on that block returned to tell me that since that night we prayed together, he no longer had the desire to “run the streets.” He said he now wants to be a good example to his sons. He also said that he got a job at a nearby restaurant as the head cook, and if I would come to the restaurant, he would “hook me up” with some food free of charge.

Another man found me the next night after I led him to Christ and told me that after we prayed together, later that night, he won some money. I did not know how to respond, so I told him he had received a blessing. He asked if that was what it was called. I said, “Yes, a blessing. ‘Every good gift . . . is from above . . . .’” He wanted to know what that meant, so I told him that when we receive a blessing, it comes from God, and we should thank Him for it. The man thought about it for a minute, nodded his head in agreement, initiated a fist-bump, and then hurried off as if he were hoping for another blessing that night.

“If there were only more people like you.” These kind words were uttered by an adult lady who teared up in joy when she found out I had led her father to the Lord. For many years, her family hoped and prayed for their patriarch’s salvation. Attempts to talk to him by them were kindly dismissed. We prayed for his salvation for many years also. One day during the pandemic, the Lord gave me the opportunity to lead him to Christ. There was never time afterwards to tell the family about it until that day we crossed paths in a store. My wife saw her first and brought her to me, where she got to hear about the entire encounter with her dad. She was awestruck at what the Lord had done. My suspicion is that the rest of the family will soon find out.

Island Baptist Church received a blessing. Our church’s landlords made an insurance claim on the building from the last typhoon, and the insurance company approved funds for renovations. Before we found out about it, my wife and I power washed the concrete roof and the entire exterior of the building, and we were in the process of priming the building for painting. We have always done the work for the church ourselves because the landlord keeps the rent affordable for that purpose. This time, the work was beginning to feel overwhelming. Then, out of nowhere, the landlord told us to stop the work because the claim was approved, and a contractor would be hired for the work. Praise the Lord!

Our church folks continue to be faithful and continue to grow. A sickness went through the island, so our folks took their turns being sick. But our members recovered, and church seems to be “back to normal” again. It is a blessing to have people who appreciate our local church.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Please continue to pray for our health and safety, Island Baptist Church, Guam, and Micronesia.

In His harvest field,

Dan Rothwell and Family