Corey and Elizabeth McDonald Prayer Letter: Keeping Our Heads Above WaterWe’ve been struggling to keep our heads above water, but we have hope that the floods will soon be receding. This has been the heaviest rainy season in close to 60 years.

We shifted to a new house at the end of April, only to have flood after flood after flood. We’ve been dealing with the water damage, mold, roof leaks, water-pump issues, water-heater issues, unexpected power outages, and balancing all of our regular responsibilities. We have our kitchen stove on our back patio, where we prepare all of our meals—it gives us the “camping” or the “backyard barbecue” feel.

We have shifted just a few miles from our church location, making it much easier to minister to our people. We have hopes that in spite of the unexpected heavy floods that have caused our transition to be difficult, they will be remedied soon and we will be able to enjoy this season of life.

In January, we started the new school year in our house. Corey started tenth grade, Annabelle started eighth, Marydia and Judson are in fifth, and Adilene is in first. Mark Thomas turned three in March, and Gilbert is a happy six months.

We filed for our church registration in March, and we are patiently waiting for the results. Once we become approved and registered with the country, we will once again begin actively looking for a church location to purchase. Thankfully, the land that we found two years ago is still up for sale, and we’re praying that God keeps it for us.

In April, I began a series on missions, and we are preparing to start giving to Faith Promise missions. Since I began the series, I’ve had two men feel God’s leading them towards active evangelism. I will be training both Elias and Elly and preparing ways for them to have more teaching and preaching opportunities.

On May 20, the second term of the Bible college officially started. Pavil is in his second year and plans to serve in South Sudan upon graduating. Priscah enrolled for her second term. Priscah is in our work studies program and comes to our house to help with chores as a way for her to pay for her college transportation. We are encouraged to see these two growing in the Lord.

We have three other recent high school graduates who have chosen to work or look for employment to help support their families and save for college. Pray for all of these young people, as the Devil works overtime to destroy their futures here in Kenya.

We truly cherish your continual prayers, as trials and sickness are something we also strive to overcome on a regular basis. God is truly faithful, and His strength is new every morning. Our greatest desire is to raise our family with God’s love and to share His promises with those around us.

Thank you for your help,

Corey McDonald