CMI Update: Two New Studios Under ConstructionWe recently held our 3rd Annual Limits Conference, which was a great success. We had the opportunity to spend time with some amazing missionaries and business leaders, and Joe Theismann was a big hit with everyone in attendance. Additionally, we have added five new members to our board, each bringing unique experiences to the table, and we are excited for what is to come in 2024.

In our last communication, we mentioned that we have started construction on two new studios. The studio in Ghana is almost finished, and we will soon begin installing the necessary equipment for and training the workers in video recording, production, and editing. The other studio, which is being built in the United States to support the Iran ministry, is currently in the process of purchasing equipment, and we will begin training everyone involved in the next month. This is an exciting development for CMI.

We are also in the process of scheduling a trip to one of our partners in Mexico in July. We welcome anyone who would like to join us and witness firsthand the amazing work this ministry is doing for the Lord.


A headmaster named Mr. Luke Agyemang got saved after watching Pastor Steer’s TV program. He then invited me to preach at his school, where about 450 out of 500 students also got saved. We are grateful that many people are coming to salvation through this program.

We have received an update from Bro. Speer about the water-borehole projects that Impact Others is supporting. So far, we have assisted Bro. Speer in installing eight water boreholes in 2023, and in February 2024, we provided enough funds to install two more. Additionally, we have received a wonderful testimony about the impact of these water boreholes in Ghana.

From the team in Ghana: “The borehole has helped us to grow as a church in our numbers.”


Another story of Impact Others helping one of our partners comes from Evangelist Tunde Ajayi in Nigeria. We recently organized the first widows’ meeting of the year at Victory Independent Baptist Church, where 84 widows attended. We presented them with foodstuffs and offered our prayers. Additionally, we shared the Gospel with them, resulting in 22 people raising their hands to be saved. We also extended financial support to 10 widows.


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Eddie Wilson
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