Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Off to a Great Start in 2017!God is so good! The year 2017 is off to a wonderful start. The radio program on Sunday mornings has only had a few glitches, but God was so good to help us work through them. The radio station is extremely happy with the radio program, and we have already had several people in the community comment positively about listening to the show. I was praying and trying to figure out why the Lord wanted us to move from Berwick, with 200,000 people, down to Warragul, with only 14,000 people in the area. Last week I learned that here in our sleepy town of Warragul, they are building 20,000 brand-new homes over the next three years! I like math, so I realized that there is a possibility of almost 100,000 people moving to this location over the next three years! God reminded me that we are the only soul-winning church in almost a 70-mile radius. So I do believe God is showing us, with these opportunities, that we are right where He wants us.

We were very pleased to see the Evans family come to visit again. It has been almost four months since their last visit. and we were concerned they wouldn’t be back. However, he has been ill with pneumonia for the past few months, which is pretty common here! We need families like these to join the church and become confident soul winners. Currently we have six adults who are actively going out on Saturdays.
Answer to prayer! Last Sunday a new couple attended church. They said they were looking for a Baptist church to attend and had just moved to the area. Ray and his wife Zora are from Iran and have been in Australia about a year. I was so excited, since we have been praying for a Persian Ministry for about nine years. I asked Ray if he had received Christ as his Saviour or been, as the Bible says, born again. Ray said he was not sure, as he needs to learn more about the Bible. We scheduled an evening Bible study last week. They came with the BEAMS King James Bible and the Farsi BEAMS Bibles that I had given them. They were so excited because the Farsi Bible said the exact same thing as the King James Bible. Praise God for BEAMS and a good translation of the Bible into the Farsi language!

Please pray for Ray and Zora to be saved soon, for Mark and Donna and family to get into church and Donna to be saved, for my family’s health (as we have been struggling lately), and for more laborers for Christ here in Warragul.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia