Ron and Laura Back Prayer Letter: Furlough Off to a Great Start!God is so good! Our furlough is off to a good start. We landed August 3, and it is amazing how many things we forgot about over the years. Our pastor took Laura and me to Walmart straightaway, and we were both awestruck about how big it was and how many different products there were! We have become accustomed to having only a few choices for a lot of products. We were truly amazed at what is still available here in the States.

Our first quest was to find a car; and, praise the Lord, we were able to purchase a 2013 Ford Escape at a very reasonable price. The car only has a few minor issues and has been a great furlough vehicle. Our first week back, we were able to get our prayer cards picked up and begin calling churches. It has been such a blessing to speak with so many of you, and calling is going well. I hope to schedule many more of our supporting churches before we head back on December 5. We were in 11 meetings in August, one being a week long. God allowed us to see three people get saved and one get baptized in that time.

We were in Texas and Louisiana for most of August. We were so blessed to meet a young man at a camp meeting who loves everything Australian. His name is Tanner, and he is about 10. He was constantly trying to talk with me and engrossed in everything on our display table, especially our Where’s Wally? book. The kids were asking, “Isn’t it Where’s Waldo?” But it’s the Aussie version. Laura and I tried to encourage Tanner for the whole week, just loving on him and telling him how good God is and that one day he could become a missionary—even to Australia. Praise the Lord, Tanner received the Lord at the camp meeting, and it did Laura and me so much good to see a young man not only submit to the Lord but to have a hunger for the things of God.

Please continue to pray for us, especially for traveling mercies, for the vehicle, for us to be able to sell the vehicle easily when we are finished with it, for us to win people to Christ, and for us to be a blessing to the churches as we report. Please pray for the people of Australia, especially Mark and Donna and their family. We have spent about six years discipling and helping them to grow in the Lord, and they are now out of church.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia