Annabel de Vallejo Home Prayer Letter: We Are Blessed!We apologize for the late update. We had several major issues come up, and we ask for your prayers for us. The children’s home is doing great, for which we praise the Lord. It has not been an easy road, but we are blessed. The children are almost done with school for this year and are getting ready to have a wonderful summer.

These past few months, we have been working on a major project with the lighting system (electricity). We had to put in new light poles and a bigger meter, since we are praying to continue building on to the Annabel Home. We are getting ready to plant vegetables and grow some crops for the home. The kids love working to help plant some seeds.

The Lord has really used Iglesia Bautista Hananeel to be a blessing to us. They have given us dried food and a love offering for the home. The Lord has used Pastor Jimenez to be a blessing to the Annabel Home. My sister Talitha was able to go to Mexico for a couple of weeks and help in the home, and it was such a beautiful time. We also want to thank an anonymous donor who donated some finances for a vehicle for the home. Thank you!

We are praying that we will hopefully be able to open the Roland Garlick Home this year. My parents worked for many years with this project, and we are praying it will come to pass. Please help us pray that the Lord will send us more workers so we can take in more children. There is such a need to help abandoned and abused children. This was my parents’ dream. We also want to thank Hno. Jeronimo and his team for being such a big support to the home.

The Lord is good and merciful, and we will always be grateful for that.

In Christ,

Annabel Home

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for more workers so that we can take in more children.
2. Please pray for the finances for school for the next year.
3. Please pray that we can get the electricity paperwork finished and that the Lord will provide to finish it.