Annabel de Vallejo Children's Home Prayer Letter: Blessings My husband Romel and I are very grateful for the emails, letters, offerings, and any little detail you have sent to our family. As you know, I have the privilege and opportunity to be involved in two major ministries: our ministry in Tennessee and running the Annabel de Vallejo Home. This year is already halfway gone, and it’s hard to believe my parents are not with us, but I am grateful he allowed my husband and me to continue this. It has not been an easy road, but we have seen the Lord’s hand and protection.

My sister and I are planning to send big boxes filled with clothing and shoes to the children’s home. Many of you know that my parents traveled by land, taking things from the Texas border into Mexico; but, of course, this is not possible at the moment. However, my little family and I want to keep being a blessing to the children in the home. If you would like to send an offering for clothing and shoes, please let us know, or you can provide a description on the check or with any other way you give.

Many have asked about my siblings who were left at home when my parents passed. Elijah returned to Mexico. Talitha, Samuel, and my little sister Becky are living with me. Talitha is serving in our children’s ministry and is our church secretary. My little Becky—well, she is not that little anymore—is in high school, and she will be a junior in the fall. We want to thank you for everything you have done for us, and we would like to ask you to continue to pray for us. Pray that the Lord would provide for my little sister Becky’s schooling. Please continue to pray for us, and if you are ever in Tennessee, we would love for you to come by.

A Word from the Children’s Home

On behalf of the children and staff of the Annabel de Vallejo Home, we would like to share our appreciation for being such a blessing to our children’s home. We would also like to share with you that God has blessed us over these last few months. He has supplied all of our needs, both material and spiritual. We want to thank the Lord for Hno. Jeronimo and his friendly group, who have been such a blessing. They have been able to help us with donating the doors, sinks, and gas tank for the new construction of the Memorial Garlick Home. We really appreciate them.

In the month of March, the home received a little six-year-old girl named Mercedes. She is the younger sister of Alfredo. Alfredo is already here in the children’s home, and by the grace of God, we were happily able to reunite him with his younger sister. Rosita is the youngest of the children in the home; she is nine months old already and growing very quickly! She is the joy of the home and has made us all very happy. Please continue to pray that we can take in more children.

In the month of April, we celebrated the Día del Niño (a day “for/of the kids”) and went on a pool outing, where we were all invited on two different occasions. There was food, games, presents, and prizes for everyone! We had a lot of fun with all of the kids. God is truly great.
These last three months, we have been helping and encouraging in Tizapán el Alto Jalisco with Pastor Tony Gonzalez. Pastor Tony is the director of the home, and he started a church in the village where the children’s home is. This past month, we celebrated Mother’s Day at the church. We had many first-time visitors, and many of them received Christ as their Saviour. Everyone in the household was able to help with food and sodas. All the mothers received a little gift from the church, and everyone had a good time. The kids had a great day, but the most important thing is that many people accepted Christ. We ask for your prayers as we help Pastor Tony with this task so that we can be a blessing to the neighboring towns and lead many people to the Lord.

The kids in the home, along with the staff, would also like to ask for your prayers for some urgent needs. The vehicles we have for the home are not in good condition. Furthermore, the state of Jalisco has set a law that a vehicle older than the year 2000 cannot be driven. The children’s home vehicles are older and have several mechanical problems. We are asking you to please join us in prayer for a new van or a vehicle. The second urgent need is a washer and dryer. We are trying to raise some funds for a new commercial washer and dryer, since you all know washing is an everyday essential here at the home.

We say our farewells for now by first of all thanking God for His love, faithfulness, grace, and mercy and thanking you for your support and prayers, which have really sustained us. We also want to thank Pastor and Mrs. Sorto for their great support in helping us go to Tijuana. As you all know, my wife and I lost our pastor, Pastor Bob Walker. My wife and I were able to say our goodbyes to our pastor at the funeral.

We are very grateful to you all. May God continue to bless you greatly.


Annabel de Vallejo Children’s Home