Paul and Ling Awi Lung Prayer Letter: Praying for You as You Pray for UsGreetings to you all in the loving name of Jesus. I hope that you all are in good health.

I believe that summer has already begun in your country, but here in my country, the rainy season is already upon us, with heavy, non-stop rains and thunderstorms. Some of the girls have gotten sick, and we’ve had to take them to the doctor. Please pray for us.

For the farming people, however, rains are very excellent for farming, for working with the ground. When we have been getting sufficient rain, we harvest much more rice. In some parts of the countryside and other provinces, people are still waiting for the rain though.

We keep praying for all of you in our daily devotionals. Pray that we can serve Him effectively in the days ahead. At this point, due to the heavy rains, our church attendances are down a little bit, but on Father’s Day, people showed up. On Sunday, July 2, 2023, those who attended were very few, so my wife and I started home visitation to our church people, along with hospital visits. We hope that this will bring in more people to church next Sunday.

The ministries are moving slowly, not as I expected or wished them to be, especially with the church-planting projects. Please keep praying that God will help us to make it through. The children’s homes are doing well, and the kids are growing a lot. My heart rejoices when I see the children’s homes, as they are the leaders of the next generation.

We love you all and greatly appreciate your faithful support and prayers. May God bless you all richly.

Yours in His blessed ministries,

Pastor Paul T. Lung & Family