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Jeremy 4/2
Sandra 8/24
Anniversary 3/23
Carina 1/27
Barrett 1/25
Henry 4/8
Alex 6/28

I was a teenager when my dad accepted Christ, and although he didn’t know how to explain salvation, he made sure I read the Bible.

It was through the Word of God that I learned of my need of salvation, and at the age of sixteen, I accepted Christ.

Immediately afterward, I asked God to show me what church He wanted me to attend, and a few days later, a man from Wayside Baptist Church of Ridgeway, Virginia, knocked on my door and told me that if I wanted to go to church, a bus would come by and pick me up.

I began riding the bus to church, where I followed the Lord in baptism and was first trained to be a soul winner.

Five months later, our youth group attended Youth Conference at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, where I was called into full-time Christian service during an invitation given by Dr. Jack Hyles.

I enrolled in Hyles-Anderson College in the fall of 2000 and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in missions in January of 2005.

Sandra grew up in Germany in the home of a missionary. It was after a Missions Conference one evening that her dad led her to Christ. She later followed the Lord in believer’s baptism, and as a teenager, she surrendered to full-time Christian service.

I first met Sandra when I went to help two of my coworkers move, not knowing that they would be my future brother- and sister-in-law, as Sandra made the 3½-hour drive to help also. God used that to introduce us to each other, and at a stage in our courtship, as we are still courting, we got married.

We both have experience in the bus ministry, teaching Sunday school, and soul winning. Sandra has experience teaching in a Christian school.

I’ve had the desire to go to the mission field for years, and when God confirmed with me that it was time, we sold what we could (house, vehicles, etc.) to finance a three-month survey trip/internship to Nigeria, working with veteran missionary, David Maskey.


David Maskey has been a missionary to Nigeria since July of 1994, and we are raising support to return to Nigeria to work alongside him for a brief period before starting our own independent work, which would be a soul-winning, discipleship, and church-planting ministry.

The day after we arrived in country was the 28th anniversary of Port Harcourt Independent Baptist Church, and they had…

  • 817 in attendance.
  • 170 first-time visitors.
  • 60 people saved.
  • 6 baptized.

The Nigerian people are wide open to the Gospel, and everywhere we went, they were asking for missionaries.

We are looking forward to returning to Nigeria so we can continue to reach the people with the Gospel, as well as disciple them.


Roanoke Baptist Church
11015 Lafayette Center Rd.
Roanoke, IN 46783


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You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #216.


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Jeremy and Sandra Barker Prayer Letter: God Is So Good!

Jeremy and Sandra Barker Prayer Letter: God Is So Good!I am grateful for many things this month, one of which is that Sandra and I are expecting our fifth child, with an anticipated due date of December 10. Even though we have only been back in the United States fourteen months, this will actually be the second child we’ve had born on deputation. Having four children who are four years of age and younger with another one on the way is a tremendous blessing; however, it does at times present unique challenges while traveling as much as we do, especially for Sandra, so we ask that you please pray for this precious gift of God and for Sandra during this time.

I am also grateful to announce that as of the end of June, we are at 71% of our support coming in. We wrapped up the month of June having meetings in fifteen different churches across seven different states and are so very thankful to each and every pastor who has invited us to share our ministry.

Last month, I mentioned that a Nigerian I met in the United States, who drove an hour to hear me preach, had reached out to me again to let me know he had been reunited with his wife and son (whom he had never been able to meet in person) after three years and that they are now living in Canada. I mentioned to him that my father-in-law was coming back to the United States for two weeks to attend his son Benjamin’s wedding and actually had a meeting in Canada about 50 minutes away from where he lived. Ayo attended the service at Gospel Light Baptist Church of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, and brought his wife Hannah and son Jesse. God is still working on this family’s hearts; please continue to pray for them.

Working hard to bring fruit to your account,

Jeremy, Sandra, Carina, Barrett, Henry, & Alex Barker


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