Team Philippines Update: Broadcasting the Good News!Happy 2024! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your continued faithfulness and for the manifold prayers and continuous support for the ministry here in Dumaguete City.

This past year has been a remarkable year in our ministry. We are so very thankful for what God has done, and with great hope, we look forward to seeing what He continues to do into this new year.

We were blessed in October to take our staff and students, as well as a few others from our church, to Iloilo for the Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, hosted by Missionary Rick Martin and Iloilo Baptist Church. Pastor John Wilkerson was the keynote preacher, and we were excited to go and hear him and for our folks to take part in the many workshops there. I was able to speak with pastors about setting up an online radio station using the Anchor Radio App, as we have done in Dumaguete. We are thankful for the example of the ministry in Iloilo.

Pastor Wilkerson and the men with him visited our church in Dumaguete right afterward, and it was a delight to have visitors from the U.S. with us. They were a great blessing to our people, and we thank those who sent items with Pastor Wilkerson to distribute to our folks; they were very well received.

Our long-awaited radio station is now up and running in Dumaguete! We are excited to be broadcasting Christ-honoring music and practical Bible teaching 24 hours a day on 101.7 FM. Already we are hearing our station being played about the city as we venture into different places soul winning. I believe, in time, the constant message is going to do more to soften the hearts of people as it plants the seeds of the Gospel. We will see great fruit, no doubt.

The app that I developed for our church, in preparation for the eventual FM station, continues to play a big role in allowing us to participate with our listeners and offer them more than just the FM broadcast. If you’d like to listen in to our station, you can do so by going to

In addition, we have started using an app for mapping our soul-winning efforts. Those using the app alert others that they are out soul winning, so they are prayed for, record follow-up information, and also share their soul-winning experiences so that we may rejoice together over each sinner that is saved. We also display the photos of them and their converts in the app and on the screens in our church before and after the services. The app is designed to be used by any soul winner or church and may be found at

We are pleased to report that in 2023, our church ministries reported more than 6,312 souls believing on Christ for salvation through personal soul winning; 2,330 of those saved were from our Thursday night soul winning. We had 576 make public professions in a church service, and 323 followed the Lord in baptism. Praise the Lord for the great work He is doing through us in Dumaguete. Please continue to pray, as our area is growing rapidly; the harvest is great.

The Daniel Williams family arrived here to join our team at the end of November and are getting settled in. We are happy to have extra help with teaching in the Bible college and helping to expand the ministry God has entrusted to us. Please pray for them as the get fully adjusted to living in the Philippines.

Our theme for this year comes from Hebrews 6, “Let Us Go on unto Perfection,” with a connected theme of “Developing the Disciplines.” We are taking a program we began with our youth many years ago, which has helped them to develop a balanced Christian life and personal walk with God, and are bringing it to the church as a whole. We even have an app for those who have devices, and others can do it on paper. “God & Man” has been a tremendous help to our young people, and our adults seem excited to be participating this year.

All of the apps that we’ve produced for our ministry are being made available for other ministries to use. Please contact me if I can help you or your church make use of them. We want to be a blessing and pray that through this area of our ministry, more will become aware of the full ministry here in Dumaguete. The God & Man app can be found at

Thank you again for your continued love and support. We are honored to represent the Lord Jesus Christ and those holding the ropes for us back home. We are praying for you. We would love a visit from you if you are considering a missions trip. Let’s talk!


• Land and building—we are out of room.
• Vehicles—ours are on their last legs.
• Our church’s 13th anniversary services on January 28
• New works to be started this year in surrounding areas

That all the world may know,

Randy DeMoville