Tom and Margo Dinius Prayer Letter: Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Lord, Unto Me!I think often of the words to this song, “Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.” He has walked with me through the hurts, the pain, the weakness, the hospitalizations, the tests, and my surgery. In the midst of all that, the Lord gave me patience, as I had to wait four months for the surgery and search for the mesh to use in the surgery.

God is faithful, and He has used me in the midst of the weakness. All the years here in Namibia, there have been only one or two baptized each year. It is a big step, as baby baptism is taught, and it is seen as turning from their family in their eyes. So far this year, six have been baptized, to the glory of God. The church is growing, and lives are being changed one life at a time.

I have two young men who are filling the pulpit for me as needed. Please pray for Justino and Trymore; they have enrolled in the Joshua Institute, as I start training them in a more formal way. There are two more who signed up for the classes; please pray for Idid and Alfred also.

God was faithful to allow us to come home to Michigan to get some tax things cared for. There were some checks sent during COVID, and they wanted to know if we received them. They wanted dates and amounts, and we knew nothing except for one. The tax person said she could not complete our taxes without the information, and we just couldn’t do it from the Namibian side. We were also able to get our driver’s licenses renewed. In addition, we had a special time attending Missions University at FBMI, our mission board.

God was faithful to let my wife be with her mother in her hospitalization and later her death. God is so good! God is faithful to give us supporters and prayer warriors who stand by us in good times and bad.

We have purchased another computer to try to help with our communication problems. We have also moved to another location due to safety, health, and communications.

Pray with us concerning . . .

• Our health.
• Strength.
• The growth of believers.
• The Joshua Institute.
• Finances for the building.

In partnership for Christ,

Tom & Margo Dinius