Paul Lung Prayer Letter: The Crying Voices From Myanmar!Greetings to you in His name. I trust that you are doing well and that this email finds you in good health.

As for me, this year and last year have been the scariest years in my lifetime. COVID-19 and the military coup (February 1, 2021) destroyed my country badly. The military coup transferred power by kidnapping our president and state counselor, our senators, our governors, and 325 lawmakers. Active politicians and leaders have been arrested and put in jail. This was all illegal and should be null and void. More than 560 civilians were killed. My heart is broken! I was shocked when I saw all these things happen with my own eyes. I know that God has reasons and plans for His people and the country. Every day I kneel down, crying to God and praying, “Oh, God, save us! Help us and listen to the crying voices of your people in Myanmar. Bless the planted seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which was done amazingly by Adoniram Judson, the first American Baptist missionary.” This is my prayer and the crying voices of the people in this critical time. Please kindly join us in prayer (Jeremiah 33:3).

When we are in need of help, God works miraculously, and many visitors come to my church. I get phone calls non-stop from across the country, asking me to pray for them by phone. Many people are listening to my preaching. The more problems and difficulties people face, the more they realize their need for Jesus and hunger for Him. My heart rejoices, on the other hand, to know that He is still in control of everything, and I hope and pray that He will fix things accordingly. Amen!


1. I thank God that in our time of need, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (Pastor John Wilkerson) helped us out with $5,000 to buy loaves for all my preacher boys’ families.
2. The furniture company completely delivered 50 chairs for the church, helped out by Olathe View Baptist Church of Olathe, Kansas (Pastor Bob Graham).
3. In this needy time, more people have come to join our church. Let this continue!

Prayer Requests

1. Let our God change the wicked hearts of the regime as soon as possible and stop the fighting and protesting across the country so that we can continue to keep seeing souls saved.
2. Due to the civil war, Christian brothers and sisters are escaping and fleeing to the Thailand and India borders; pray that God protects them.
3. Pray that we can finalize the Akha Baptist Church building.
4. Pray for God’s protection and the changing of our country.

Yours in His blessed ministries,

Paul Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church