Paul and Ling Awi Lung Prayer Letter: Keeping Up the Good Work of the GospelI hope that this April prayer letter finds you all in good health. By God’s grace, we are safe and keeping up the good works. We use several methods to help the needy people to bring them to Christ. By God’s grace and mercy, every week I am baptizing new converts. My heart greatly rejoices in seeing these new converts.

The regime government pressed us in several ways not to hold Sunday night services and Wednesday night prayer meetings, but across the country, churches just changed their service schedules to Fridays, Sundays, or Thursdays, whichever worked best for their church people. We are glad to see that the Christians are growing and having more unity.

In my church, we had our 28th Anniversary celebration, and this was a great fellowship—it was just huge. Then the church deacon board held training for all of our churches. Our VBS program was just wonderful from April 2 to 5. That Saturday, we took a tour and had a picnic, which our church school kids enjoyed a lot. We also held a Pastors’ Conference. All of my preacher boys and their wives attended for three days of Bible seminars, special talks, and prayers. These were heart-touching seminars, and there was preaching every night. This event made our relationship closer to each and every one of us; it was a very sweet program, and my heart was deeply touched.

All the ministries here are functioning as a result of your faithful support and prayers. Many people are facing difficulties of living, eating, and clothing; but, thank God, under my administrative guidance, the Lord provides to all of my preacher boys’ families, the children’s homes, and the staff members what they need: food, shelter, clothing, homes, etc. through FBMI and our supporting churches. Thank God, this reminds me to do more in the days to come in carrying the Gospel of Jesus. Amen.

Blessing you all richly, as you love Him and serve Him in truth.

In His blessed ministries,

Pastor Paul T. Lung and Family