Parish and Arlene Javier Prayer Letter: Expanding Our Ministry“Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith. Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.”
(Proverbs 15:16-17)


Summertime went by so quickly, and now it’s schooltime once again. I still can’t believe that our eldest Sofia is now a senior high school student (Grade 11). This will be her first time to be in a different school. From Kindergarten to Grade 10, she attended a Christian school. I am praying that she will easily adapt to this new environment and be a Godly example to the people around her. Hadassah will be in her sixth and last year as an elementary student. Amelie, our little one, keeps us on our toes most of the time. My wife is doing good. As far as her gallbladder surgery is concerned, we are just waiting for the update as to when she will be scheduled for it.


A few weeks back, some of the men in our church and I got on our motorcycles and visited the mountainous part of Burauen, with the goal of reaching those people living in that area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The road was not easy, but it was rewarding when we finally reached our destination.

As a pastor, I am proud to see my people being involved in soul winning. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we go out and pass out Gospel tracts around town. On Saturdays, we hold extension classes for kids in the different barangays of Burauen.

By God’s grace, our church attendance is growing. We have a new generation of juniors and young people that we need to mold and nurture not only physically but also spiritually.


Just this month, I was able to baptize several young ladies and young men. One of them was Princess Riza Penada. Three or four years ago, she was invited by one of our members to attend our church services. From then on, she regularly attended our church. At first, her mother did not approve of her decision to be baptized, but as time went by and by God’s grace, her mother finally gave her consent.

The three others who were baptized are siblings: two young men and a young lady. Their mother is an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) and saw our Facebook page. She then messaged me and inquired as to the location of our church since her family was looking for one. The family lives in Julita, which is roughly 45 minutes away from our place. We went and visited the husband and the kids, and now they are part of the church. The husband will also be baptized soon.


With this new family from Julita, God opened a door for us to expand our ministry. Please pray with us for God’s leading as we make plans to reach and win souls for Christ in this new town.


• Pray for my wife, as she will be having surgery to remove gallstones.
• Pray for our church’s spiritual growth.
• Pray for God to provide us with a church vehicle/van; it would be such a blessing to us.
• Pray for more people to hear the Gospel and be saved.
• Pray for us as we prepare to go to the mountainside to reach people with the Gospel.
• Pray for us as we start a new mission church 45 minutes away from our town.

If you want to see more of what’s going on in our church, follow us on our Facebook page: Grace Baptist Church Burauen. You can also email us. We cannot thank you enough for your faithfulness in praying for and supporting our ministry. May God bless your generous hearts!

In Christ,

The Javier Family
Missionaries in the Philippines