Osmin Gutierrez Prayer Letter: Visitors from Our Home Church, Christmas Dinner and Service, and Teen CampI pray this letter finds you well. Last December, we had the joy of having a group from our sending church come visit us. They came to help us put up some lamps for the outside lighting of our church. They also helped with the inside lighting of the church in Campamento. During their visit, we had our yearly Christmas dinner. We had a great service, with many people visiting and trusting Christ.

Earlier this month, we sent 22 teens to camp. They had a great time! A couple of them trusted Christ as their personal Saviour, and others made decisions for Christ.

Our electrical project from the city is on standby. Our neighbor changed his mind about allowing our electrical cables to run through his property, so we are still in the process of deciding what to do. Please help us pray concerning this matter.

Since we will be dropping our youngest son off at Bible college this year, we will be taking a short furlough this July through mid-August. We still have some dates available in case you want us to come and report to your church. You can contact me by email at osmin.gutierrez@fbmi.org or by phone at 504-3294-9302.


Osmin Gutierrez