Nick and Laura Watt Prayer Letter: God Is BlessingFirst off, thank you for your continued support. We only have a handful of supporting churches, which makes each one so much more important to us. One of my desires for the next twelve months is to engage with our supporting churches more. Some of you, I have never been able to visit, so I would like, at the very least, to have conversations with you, Pastors, to thank you personally and to help you get to know us better.

We certainly live in changing times, and with an election coming up, they are also uncertain times. We are grateful that we serve a God Who is on the throne of Heaven no matter who sits in the seats of earthly power. God is in charge, my friends! Do not lose heart simply because we seem to be living to see darker times. Let your light so shine before men—the light of Jesus, Amen!


Nine years ago, God blessed us and allowed us to buy a house when we were really in our most financially uncertain time. It was a miracle. The house was cheap, and the repayments were too. However, we have outgrown our small, comfy cottage, and we need room for Abby, now a teenager, to have her own space and not have to share with her little brother. Also, if you remember, we had some serious security concerns late last year, which means that we have been eager to find a safer area. We will be putting our house on the market in the next few days and hope to be moved into a new house before the end of the year. Please pray that God will work a miracle again and answer our very specific, but not outrageous prayers.


Teen discipleship has doubled in size since its inception in the second school term this year. We are developing a good culture of inquisitiveness and study. The young people are getting to know one another and becoming more open about their questions and concerns. We hope to train a group of Bible-loving, faithful young people.


A Godly young couple that we know well have spoken at length with us and expressed their intent to move to Whanganui to assist us in the ministry. I cannot express the sweet relief it would be to Beth and me to have faithful fellow labourers such as this young couple in our church. The timing seems right, and the Lord seems to be in it. Please pray for God’s will and a house that works for their family.


1. Church Building: We did not accept the offer from the owner. He was asking 2½ times the purchase price. We would still like to buy it, but God has to change this man’s heart, as he seems eager to milk every dollar he can from us.
2. A New Home: We are praying for a third bedroom, more storage space, not a fixer-upper, and a fenced yard. In addition, my personal prayer request is for a nice kitchen for Beth; she deserves that and more.
3. Commitment: Our attendance is higher than it has been for many years, but also turbulent from week to week. We are praying for people to commit to the church in membership and faithfulness. I am praying about adding more chairs for the fourth time this year. God is good!
4. Jana and Tia: Please also pray for the salvation of this young couple.

In Christ’s love,

Nick, Beth, Abby, and Zack Watt