Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Souls Saved from Afghanistan, Iran, Mexico, and the USA This MonthAn Exodus of Suffering Turkish Will Likely Push West Soon, and We Want to Be There to Help Them!

Last Friday, a regular visitor from Iran joined us again in our Clubhouse Bible Study class, which is held each week. M___ is an inquisitive man who participates each week. Following the message, I gave a very careful plan of salvation through M___, my Farsi interpreter. M___ prayed and asked Christ to save him! This was a thrill for all of us, as most Muslims will listen for weeks and then ask to speak with one of us privately to receive Christ. The fear of reprisal is very real. M___’s boldness was a blessing and an example to his peers that, just as God is able to save, He is also able to protect and provide. Please pray for M___’s growth as he continues in our weekly class.

Additionally, N___, an Afghani man, trusted Christ this week! M___, one of my Persian workers, has been patiently working with N___ for some time. N___ cannot read, so a great deal of history and Scripture was explained to him in a conversational format. The “puzzle” of the Gospel gradually came together in his mind, replacing a dark, disjointed religious notion he had grown up with—and today, he is rejoicing! I know you will rejoice with him, because you have played a vital part with your prayers and support.

God has blessed us with souls Stateside as well! M___ (a Mexican man), G___, and G___ all trusted Christ as well. Each story is equally important, but Greg’s had a special significance to me personally. G___ had a kidney transparent a year ago. As I spoke with him at his door, God brought the topic of J___, my former wife who died 23 years ago, into the conversation. This almost never happens. When G___ asked how she died, I explained it was by a brain aneurysm. Instantly, G___ started to weep. He told me that the 45-year-old man who provided his kidney had died the exact same way. We both instantly saw the providential way God had staged this appointment—another Romans 8:28 moment. God has brought many my way, as I’m sure He has for you

No doubt, you are well aware of the evolving tragedy in Southeastern Turkey (and Syria). As of this writing, more than 30,000 have perished. I have been told that the city that once was Antioch (Acts 11:20) has been almost reduced to rubble. We expect an exodus of people to press west, seeking food and shelter. M___ pastors a church there. We would like to take Bibles and resources there this spring to meet a need that is certain to grow. We are praying that God would provide $10,000 to help two of us fly out there this spring, so that we can help desperate people whose hearts may be ready to receive the Gospel. I am convinced in my spirit that God is directing this, in His way and His time.

In His service,

Missionary #6505