Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Our Vision for 2024Our Vision for 2024 and the Way I Believe God Is Directing Our Ministry

With all of our hearts, we say THANK YOU for your prayers and support in 2023! God has allowed us to see MANY saved in the Middle East and in the United States. Next month, I will share a summary of the specific accomplishments that were done in the power of His Spirit and His Word! There is so much to celebrate.

At present, we have THREE MAJOR GOALS FOR 2024. Please pray for God’s enablement and provision as we look ahead. This list could grow in the coming months, but this is what He has revealed at present:

1. A RETURN TO MOROCCO to help reach the lost and displaced in a specific mountain range of this country. Marwan has been hard at work delivering Bibles and basic needs like tents, clothes, food, water, and medicine to victims of last September’s massive earthquake. Victims who are helped face to face by Christians become softer to the Gospel. The scale of suffering is much greater than Marwan could do alone, and I believe God will help us provide for this desperate need. Our plans to go there in October 2023 were delayed by disruption in the country’s infrastructure, but this has begun to stabilize. My hope is to arrive there in the spring and take one other man with me. Please pray for our protection. Following our arrest in the country 4½ years ago, my passport was likely flagged for a blacklist. I have been told by good authority that these flags typically drop off at the five-year mark.

2. A CONFERENCE IN EGYPT to reach Syrian refugees with the Gospel. I am in contact with a dear pastor friend in this country who has a burden for the Syrian refugees in his district of Egypt. As we discovered in Turkey, authorities in Egypt have little concern for the welfare of refugees in their country. This is a blessing in disguise, because it allows us greater access to a neglected people group. Please pray for logistical and financial preparations as we seek God’s timing, possibly in late spring.

3. TRANSLATED CURRICULA FOR PERSIAN HOMESCHOOLERS. A growing Persian church in part of Turkey has concerned parents who do not want their children to be educated in the Islamic schools; they want a Bible-based curriculum for homeschool and Sunday school. The grades will be K – 6. We have two possibilities of tried-and-true, fundamental American curricula, and I have two skilled translators who can produce this in the Farsi language. This will be expensive and time-consuming, but we are convinced this is the will of the Lord. We hope to deliver this in time for our next conference in this city, which is planned for next summer. Please pray that God will bring it to pass in a timely manner.

God has told us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish . . . .” (Proverbs 29:18). Souls go to Hell without a plan of action. Thank you for partnering with us!

Missionary #6505