Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: A Tale of Two TylersA Tale of Two Tylers

While my family and I were out soul winning, I believed the Holy Spirit was directing me to our local playground. The family disembarked from the van and proceeded to talk to some folks. I (with my son in the stroller) went over and talked to two young men sitting at some picnic tables. I began to talk with them and was able to witness to the young man named Tyler, who understood the Gospel and received Christ as Saviour, the other man already claiming salvation.

It was great to be with family for the holidays. While at my parents’ in snowy Michigan for the Christmas holiday, my wife and I were able to go out soul winning by ourselves. We drove to different homes on a rural road; then we came to a house trailer with a garage and a pickup in the drive. The driveway was unplowed, and I didn’t want to get stuck. I left the van running at the road and walked in through the snow. No one answered the door at the trailer, but Tyler was in the garage. God had been working in his life, and he also sweetly trusted Christ as his Saviour. It brings such joy to be able to see someone saved, doesn’t it?

Thank you for all the birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts and for the monies, cards, and emails that many of you sent. Each and every card and penny that was given to us was greatly appreciated.

We also received word that L__, a lady in one of the China assemblies, trusted Christ a few months back. My wife invited her to assembly about three years ago. She had invited two of her other friends, and they had trusted Christ awhile back. But L__ was the one who had been invited initially, and still she had yet to believe. During a Thanksgiving party, one of our team members asked if anyone wanted to believe. L__ shouted out, “Me!” Praise the Lord!

Please pray for a friend who is coming back to the States for a few days. Please pray that he will be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done and that there will be wise decisions made.

Thank you also to our long-term, faithful supporters and to the churches that have recently began partnering with us! We are over 38% actually received, in addition to promised support. God is so very good to us. Thank you for allowing Him to use you.

Thank you for your faithfulness in your place of service.

In His service,

Missionary #6011