Missionary 6011 Prayer Letter:  Praises and Prayer Requests“Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” (Psalm 107:8)

God is so good! I want to praise God for:

1. How well He has and is taking care of our family, safety for tens of thousands of miles with no mechanical problems that ever stranded us or prevented a meeting.
2. His wonderful provision of food, shelter, and all of our needs! Thank you to so many of you for all the gifts, monies, food, etc.
3. Giving us the privilege to meet so many wonderful people and pastors and to make new friends.
4. The souls saved because of our travels and while out soul winning.
5. So many of you who have committed to pray and support us on a regular basis, for which I’m so grateful!
6. His mercy and grace. I certainly have not done everything perfectly, but God has allowed us to learn the lessons and go on.
7. His continued protection, care, and plans for the future! We praise God that He is so good, all the time!

Praise the Lord for our newest daughter being born on June 20 at 8 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long. Mother and baby and family are all adjusting well.

Thank you to the Victory Hill Baptist Church in Illinois for the much-appreciated $1,000 toward purchasing airline tickets. We are planning to return to China the third full week of August. I have received the necessary paperwork for beginning language studies.

Our team is very thankful for the further addition of a single man this summer and a newly married couple this fall who will be joining our team. Please pray for them as they transition and serve the Lord there.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our daughter’s tibial torsion. She has been wearing braces about four months now and is scheduled to see the doctor for her last appointment before we head back to China.

Please continue to pray for the ongoing paperwork that will need to be completed in the U.S., as well as in China, appropriate housing for our family, homeschooling, continued language studies, team integration, good time management, transitions, disciples whom God will use, wisdom, and that we will always stay close to the Lord.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support!

In Jesus’ service,

Missionary #6011 and Family