Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Missions MonthThank you for your faithful prayers and support! The month of October was Missions Month at DLMTBC, and I was asked to speak one of the Sunday mornings (Chinese), which I was very excited to get to do. This is the best attended service and, naturally, the only service some will attend. I spoke on the importance of soul winning and discipleship. After the service, a 17-year-old young man named E___ was saved. He had a Catholic background and came to our church trying to find out Who Jesus was. I had been able to share a lesson on Jesus with him a couple weeks previous.

After our evening service, the man who helped me prepare the finishing touches in Chinese during the week came to me with an exciting request. In his own words, he said that he thought he had understood what discipleship was until we were chatting and he had heard me in the preparation of my message. Afterward, he wanted to be discipled by me, and he had a desire to disciple the man that he and his wife had led to the Lord that morning. It was very exciting!

I was invited to join in an activity organized by our city, and felt that the Lord would have M___ and me to participate. We went up into the mountains. During the activity, I was able to meet two Japanese college guys, T___ and D___; and later, I was able to get Japanese Gospel presentations to them. They want to get together again, which is a good sign. Please pray for them.

During one of the weeks after I spoke in Junior Church, I was able to witness to a first-time visitor, who was accompanied by her son. Her sister’s family had brought them, being Christians. While unfortunately she has not returned since, her son has been coming faithfully. Please continue to pray for G___. He has heard the Gospel clearly; but frankly, he seems quite blinded. I think that he may have pressure from his parents, and he is very distracted from the truth.

Lord willing, I will begin teaching in a guys’ Sunday school class in a couple of weeks, and it is exciting to see answers to prayer taking place in the church here. I went with my mentor here to look at some possible locations in the district south of us. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom regarding how to proceed in the future and regarding His timing.

I was also able to witness to one of my teachers, who is a Mormon, and help two others with some Bible counseling. It is exciting to be on the front lines, but please keep us in your prayers, as, Lord willing, we will be welcoming some guests from America who are looking to survey future locations in which to serve. Hopefully, we can be a blessing and help to them.

In His service,

Missionary #6011