Teerapat and Tiffany Phaisarnpiwat Prayer Letter:  Seeing God's Hand in Unexpected WaysAt times when nothing seems to be working or everything seems to be going wrong, you can only keep going towards your vision and stay faithful. The past couple of months, we’ve experienced some of these down times–health issues, unexpected vehicle trouble, and ministry problems. Even during the frustrating or disappointing times, we can see God’s hand and provision in unexpected ways. We are grateful for your continual prayers, notes of encouragement, and financial support.

You never know when a tract passed out or a door knocked on will reap fruit. In 2021, we went to several villages, met a lot of people, passed out hundreds of tracts, and shared the Gospel with many people. This past month, a year or more later, a pastor in East Thailand contacted me. He told me a young man named Ku Cher had found his church’s website and requested a Thai Bible. The village is near us, so he asked us to visit Ku Cher and take him a Bible. I set up an appointment to visit him in his home. Little did we know that we had met his mom in a different village last year. She was a new Christian, but at the time, her son hadn’t decided to believe in Jesus. She kept the Gospel booklet we had given her, and her son read it. Ku Cher trusted Christ this year. I’m hoping to begin Bible studies with him in his village. Just one soul—it is all worth it.

Our church is going through a discipleship program–it has three levels. I teach the series and encourage our people to complete the booklet on their own time. The last Friday of October, we took a group from church on an outing to a garden café and had a picnic at a waterfall to reward those who had finished the first level. We had a wonderful time together.

We have begun planning and preparing for our Christmas outreaches and celebrations. We hope the Promise of Christmas will bring the Gospel message to many and be a blessing to everyone. Our goal is to go into two of the villages we went to last year. In one we will hold a little program—a mini-silent drama, singing, a Gospel message, gifts, and a meal. The other is a small village in the clearing of the jungle. Our church will prepare a box of essentials for each home and gather everyone to receive their gift and hear a short Christmas message. For our church and local area, we will have a soccer activity for the youth and a Christmas service at our church. We are so excited for our upcoming outreaches. We covet your prayers, and if anyone would like to donate specially to our Christmas outreaches, we would be so grateful.

God bless,

Teerapat and Tiffany Phaisarnpiwat