Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter:  Firmly Anchored in HimThough the storm clouds roll, we are firmly anchored in Him. Oftentimes I feel like Peter—my faith is weak, and I focus on the storm around me instead of on the One Who calls me to Him. I’ve been reminded these last two months in America that my Anchor is the Lord. I can trust in Him.

While we have been in America, the work has continued in N___. Since leaving, the church has continued to see folks accept the gift of eternal life and be baptized. In June, J___, a young man who recently accepted salvation, decided to be baptized. Also, God has led men to step into a position of service at our church while we are unable to be there. W___, one of our faithful servants, has been an anchor for many, as he is making sure things are set up and running correctly while we are gone. H___ is another one of the men God is using to help lead. He has testified of being able to see the Lord working through him. A good friend of his, whom he had been witnessing to for quite some time, finally made a public profession of faith in July. It has been a blessing to have several guests, such as Dr. Y___, J___ S___, J___ P___, and a few others, come from out of town to preach to the people.

It has been a busy few months for us in America also. We have been from doctor to doctor, getting as clear a picture as possible about my wife’s health. Finally, after six weeks, we were able to reach the conclusion of our research. The doctors are fairly in agreement that surgery should not be our approach at this time. They generally all agree that she should first try a different approach before yielding to surgery. It seems this conclusion comes from the idea that at her age, her back ought to be able to recover stability without invasive surgery. We are currently working through a treatment of chiropractic care and physical therapy. By mid-September, we should know how this is working and if our goal of returning to China before the New Year is achievable.

We are still looking forward to visiting several of our supporting churches, as well as maybe getting to present our work to some new places. For now, however, we are tied to the location where my wife can get her treatment in Indiana.

Thank you for all the prayers and support you invest in us. We are honored to be a part in helping you partner with God to see great things happen. We look forward to being able to see you. Please be in prayer for my wife’s treatments, our meetings, and our preparations for getting back to China.

Missionary #6004 and Family