Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Faithful and FerventA Faithful Lady

Agnes Kwabi attended our Common Faith Sunday School Class for the first time on December 26, 2010. She has only missed a handful of Sundays since then. She told me that she stopped attending her former church because they were all about money, and they did not teach her the truth about salvation. Also, Agnes faithfully attends our Sunday evening services and some Wednesdays. She comes on Saturdays for soul winning as well.

One Saturday she had to miss visiting in Abrepo because of a funeral. The next Saturday I was hoping she would go with my son John and me to follow up on some visitors from the village of Mpatasie where she stays. I was very pleased when she told me “No” because of her reasoning—she did not want to miss visiting “her people” in Abrepo two weeks in a row!

A Lady of Prayer

Agnes has been faithful to our Sunday school class Saturday morning prayer meetings. She often requests prayer for her family. Just this past weekend, she requested prayer for the salvation of her brother, Francis Agyemang Kwabi. Pray with us that I will be able to win him to Christ very soon.

Agnes Kwabi (center) and some family members

Agnes Kwabi (center) and some family members

An Example to Her Family

Agnes works hard. She supports herself by selling vegetables. Several of her friends have visited our church, and several of her family members now accompany her every week. In this picture with family members, Agnes is in the middle. To the left of Agnes, Christian, her grandson, attends our Christian school; and Doreen is faithful to our Teen Department. To the right of Agnes, Prince attends our class when he is home from college, and Evelyn attends the same church functions as does her aunt.

Burdened for Souls

This past Saturday Agnes took John, my translator Julius, and me to a house in Mpatasie. I was shocked when she walked into the house without knocking. Agnes sat us down in an empty living room and went looking for the occupants of the house. One of the occupants found us sitting in her living room before Agnes found her! Now all of us were shocked! But as it turned out, this was Agnes’ house, and she lives with her two sisters, Felicia and Helena. Felicia is 65, and Helena is 59. (Helena is Prince’s mother, and I had been praying for her health and salvation for about three months!) Praise the Lord! After nearly two hours, both of them realized their need to put their faith in Christ alone for salvation. They were a lot of fun to preach to!

Please pray that God will help us continue to reach Agnes’ family and many others like them.

Your servants and His,

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

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