Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  A Broken WindowWe celebrated Maria’s birthday yesterday. I liked what one of her birthday cards said: “You are not 40; you are 18 with 22 years’ experience.” Maria received gifts of bananas, onions, eggs, and diet cola from our class members. What a great Christian wife, mother, and friend!

A Faithful Man

One of the most faithful men in my Sunday school class is Michael Frimpong. He was a member of our church even before I arrived on the field. He was won to the Lord by my fellow missionary (and Maria’s brother), Charles Osgood. For a long time, Michael’s wife went to a different church, but in late 2016, she started attending our church. Now Michael’s entire family comes with him on a regular basis. That’s not an easy feat because they live just outside of Kumasi, and it takes them over an hour to get to church.

After hearing a sermon by Pastor Speer at the beginning of the year, Michael decided to take his Christianity up a notch. Now he is coming for soul winning on Saturdays more often, and he has been attending our evening services.

Last year, Michael’s father passed away, and the funeral was this past weekend. (It is very normal here in Ghana for there to be months between someone’s passing and their funeral.) The funeral was 2½ hours away in his father’s home village of Tebeso. I had the privilege of attending the funeral, along with several of the key members of our class.

God Meant It for Good

Some neighborhood kids were playing in the road near our home. They kicked their ball, and it came rolling towards us and went under my van. When I stopped to help them get their ball, a neighborhood kid about five years of age threw a rock, and it shattered my back window. The parents were VERY apologetic, and they offered to help pay to get the window fixed. The father, who professes to be a Muslim, came to my office the other day and made the final payment. At that time, one of our soul winners was able to win the father to Christ! Pray that we will be able to win the mother to Christ as well.

Fruit From Our Church’s Radio Ministry

Johnson Atiba heard Pastor Speer preaching on the radio over a year ago. Recently he visited our church. We preached the Gospel to him, and he trusted Christ. Then he started bringing his family to our church, and several of them have been baptized. He and his oldest daughter Felicia attend our Sunday school class every week and are going through our discipleship curriculum.

Prayer Requests

Pray for our class and college to keep growing!

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver