Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: Watching People Grow - One of the Joys of Serving ChristWatching people grow is one of the joys of serving Christ. March 6th is Independence Day in Ghana, so our church took advantage of the holiday’s proximity to Valentine’s Day to hold a Marriage Seminar. It was wonderful to see over 30 couples willing to take their holiday and to pay some money in order to improve their marriages. Not many years ago, our church didn’t even have 30 couples attending church together. It is common in Ghana for husbands and wives to attend different churches. We are thankful for both the numerical and spiritual growth of our church’s families.

The children’s church is also seeing growth, as we have started pushing for the children who can read to use our church’s devotional guide. The devotional guide was developed for the adults and teens, but it is quite simple, so I have started encouraging the children to use it every day to get them reading their Bibles and praying. We have about 30 children turning in completed devotional guides each week.

My Bible Club team has continued to put on Bible Clubs with one of our church’s bus routes, and several children and teenagers have visited the church as a result. Some continue to come faithfully.

Please start praying now for S.M.I.T.E. camp coming up June 19 – 23. This is a time when many young people learn how to give the Gospel and learn how to conduct a Bible Club. Please pray that many young people will attend as campers and have their lives changed.

Fruit to Your Account

Emmanuel has been coming to our church for years on one of our bus routes. He attends my Sunday school class, and I noticed that he has been reading his Bible and witnessing to his friends at school. He has been able to lead some of his friends to Christ, but he also has faced many challenges, as his friends asked him questions he didn’t know how to answer! I saw he had zeal, but he needed training.

I wanted him to start coming for soul winning, but his parents would not let him come by himself. I went to visit his parents with another church member who lives nearby, and we were able to arrange for Emmanuel to start coming to soul winning.

Emmanuel has started helping with Bible Clubs and is learning how to use our illustrated soul-winning book to give the Gospel. He led his first soul to Christ using that booklet just a couple of weeks ago.

Please pray that Emmanuel’s soul-winning fervor will stay hot while he increases in knowledge in how to effectively give the Gospel.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen