Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: Wasting Time?October started our new academic year at Fundamental Baptist Academy. We have more lower elementary students than we have ever had, and I know many of them have not yet placed their faith in Jesus for salvation. I have been preaching about salvation for several weeks in their chapel services, so please pray that God will work in the hearts of our students to help them to understand how simple salvation is and that they will choose to trust Jesus alone for salvation.

Children from the Bible Club that I told you about in my last prayer letter continue to come to church every week. Now I pick them up in my car, since the teenager who was walking to church with them went to boarding school. Every Sunday morning, 10-15 children cram into my car to come to church. (It’s a good thing that I’m in Ghana and not in the U.S.!) Because of how full my car is, I have not made any effort to get new children to come, but the children themselves have brought 3 visitors in the last 3 weeks!

When my Bible Club team went to start at a new location, we failed to get any children to come at all, so we went soul winning instead! (See the “Fruit to Your Account” section.) However, I decided to try at that area one more time. God had obviously been working in the hearts of some of the boys to whom we had witnessed the week before, because many of the same boys who refused to come to Bible Club the first week, and who tried to run away from hearing the Gospel, came to Bible Club that second try, and they have formed the core of the club ever since! One boy from the club walked to church on his own one Sunday morning. Please pray that Reginald will keep coming to church and that his mother will get saved.

Fruit to Your Account

Sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time. One of my Bible Club workers told me that he had found a good location for a new Bible Club. I was excited! My Bible Club team went to that location, expecting to find plenty of children to invite to Bible Club. Instead, we found ourselves wandering around, finding very few children. Those few children whom we did find were definitely not interested in coming to the Bible Club.

I could see that Bible Club was not going to happen that morning, so I decided to take the Bible Club workers back to a house where about 10 boys had gathered to play a game. The boys were not going to come to Bible Club, but we could bring the Gospel to them!
I started speaking Twi to the boys, trying to get them interested in knowing how to go to Heaven. They were not interested, but out of respect for an adult, several of them allowed me to pair them up with a soul winner. I ended up trying to give the Gospel to a couple of boys through translation. It was not going well. I could not keep their attention. Again, I felt like I was wasting my time.
However, a teenage boy named Prince came over to listen. Although the other boys did not stay to listen to the entire Gospel presentation, Prince did stay. Prince decided to put his faith in Jesus instead of in keeping the commandments. Some of the other boys chose to trust Jesus as well. Our time was not wasted after all!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen

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New Bible Club Location