Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: The Bible Comes First!It is encouraging to watch seeds sown years ago bringing forth unexpected fruit. Back in 2019, I invited a woman named Gifty and her son Richmond to come to church. They both came and got saved, but they moved shortly afterward. Richmond came on one of our church’s bus routes a few times, but then we lost touch, and the family moved again. About a year ago, I passed a teenage boy at church and did a double-take. It was Richmond! One of our bus routes had found him, and he started to come regularly. John Sarver took Richmond under his wing in the Teen Department and helped Richmond start discipleship lessons.

Then last month, I was surprised to see Gifty, Richmond’s mother, in church on Sunday night! She came and told me that she had started coming to our church again a couple months before. She has regularly attended the Sunday evening services since then. Truly, one plants, another waters, but God gives the increase!

Richmond is not in church now because he has been put in boarding school for high school (an all-too-common situation here). Please pray for God to protect Richmond’s heart, as these boarding schools are not good environments for any young person, but especially not for a Christian young person.

My Bible Club team and I started a new Bible Club at the end of last month. While out soul winning, Pastor Speer had noticed that a lot of children were out and about, so he drew our attention to that location. We have been able to give the Gospel to many children, as our attendance has broken 40 twice!

Every Saturday before Bible Club, I go to certain houses to let the children know we are about to start. As I did so last week, an adult sister of one of the children told me, “Tomorrow, I want to come to your church.” This was only the second time I had met Hannah. On Sunday morning, Hannah called me, telling me she was on the way! God was working in her life, and I was just in the right place at the right time.

Faithful service is worthwhile! Please pray for Hannah to continue to come and grow.

Fruit to Your Account

When I met Linda, I could tell she was religious. She was willing for her son to visit our church, but they already had a church. However, religious people in Ghana often like to do Bible studies, and her English is quite good, so I kept going back to her house to try to witness to her.

I did not have good timing. Every time I went to her door, she was just about to leave. Finally, we made an appointment for me to go and do a Bible study with her. I prayed she would remember—she did not.

When I went and asked her about doing the Bible study, she hesitated and asked, “Will it take long?” I thought, “Oh, no! Another fail!” What I said was, “That depends. However, if we start and we run out of time, we can always stop and continue the study another time.” Linda explained, “I need to go and get my phone repaired.” I asked her, “Another time then?” Linda hesitated and said, “Sit down. The Bible comes first.”

Linda listened very well as I gave her the Gospel. She understood the Scriptures quickly and chose to put her faith in only Jesus for salvation. While I witnessed to Linda, the boys who were with me witnessed to two of her children. Praise God, we believe all three got saved that day!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen