Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: Our AnnaBeth Got Saved!Abbie and I are so excited that our AnnaBeth has put her faith in Jesus to wash away her sins! Josiah Osgood and Joy Sarver, children on our team of missionaries, decided to do a Bible Club after receiving training at SMITE camp. AnnaBeth attended, and as she heard Joy explaining the Gospel, she understood it for the first time. When I taught Joy how to use the salvation picture book to lead children to Christ, I never thought that I was teaching the one who would lead my daughter to Christ! God is good!

I also got to train many of our school’s students in soul winning at the end of July. Over the course of a week, I taught them how to use the salvation picture book and let them practice. I challenged them to come to the Bible Club we were doing on Saturday in Asofua and to give the Gospel to somebody. Several students responded. That Saturday, our Asofua Bible Club had 22 workers! Many children gave the Gospel for the first time. Please pray for these new soul winners to develop a true passion for souls.

August 9-12 was our yearly Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching about the children’s ministry in some split sessions, and I also got to teach the teenagers about biblical principles for choosing music. Abbie got to teach the ladies about how to teach obedience to small children. I thank God for the opportunities we get to influence others in their service to God.

My family is about to go on a furlough this fall. Please pray for us to have safe travels and that we would be a blessing.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen