Mark Rader Prayer Letter:  Untold Blessings


For the past two months, God has surely showered us with blessings. Sarah and I celebrated eight years of marriage. Our churches are growing. We now have a regular Sunday school teacher for our children’s church. We started a new regular Bible study. We took a two-day trip to Jauja. Seeing souls saved is one of our favorite blessings. So much has been happening, but we will only highlight a few of the best blessings.

The owner of a pizzeria in our area has allowed us to start a regular weekly Basic Doctrines Bible Study in his restaurant. The first night 2 were saved. The second week we talked about the Trinity. One of the men present had at one time been very close to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness and still had much confusion regarding their false doctrines. At the beginning I could tell by his face and the tapping of his fingers that I was trying his patience. After reading reference after reference from the Bible, his countenance changed. Halfway through our study, his wife arrived. He bragged to her about all we had seen in the Bible up to the point when she arrived. He said, “I have asked many people to show me the Trinity in the Bible, but for the first time, I feel my questions have been answered.” To God be the glory! A few days later, I learned that two other men who had been in the class took their notes and showed them to their JW neighbors. They said they were dumbfounded by all the references proving the Trinity.

Our children’s church is moving forward. We had our first children’s activity. We went to a petting zoo and had pizza. Twenty-one people came on the activity. Before we left the zoo, we gathered in the center for a short meeting. I spoke briefly about why God used sheep for sacrifice (among other clean animals). As I spoke about the qualifications of a sacrificial lamb, I was able to share the Gospel. We don’t know how many were saved, but several were listening and heard the good news. I found out that day that one of the adult ladies who helped us is a school teacher. She is now teaching regularly for our children’s church. Another helper from that day was Julio Durand. Julio has prior experience in Youth Ministries, so he and I found common ground. He is now our official substitute children’s pastor. Apart from children’s church, Julio and I are developing something BIG.

We finished our “Physical Proofs of the Faith” class in Surco. This Bible study was held one night a week for four months. We talked about creation and Old Testament archeology. We have seen many great results. Several have joined the church because of the class, one of which is a mathematical engineer who, for 20 years, designed and built weapons for the Peruvian military. Many members of the class have become more involved in the church as children’s workers and ushers. Others have started soul winning, and many have been saved. We have already been scheduled to teach our class at three other churches.

We are requesting that you pray for a grand opportunity. I have a dream in my heart to put in the hands of every Peruvian in Lima, Peru, a newspaper that will contain a clear and thorough, word-for- word Gospel presentation, as well as other columns about basic Bible doctrines, the family, and the authenticity of the Bible. We have already begun researching the possibilities. This is something BIG. Truly I am a beggar begging for the keys to the kingdom, but will you beg for those keys with me? We must get the Gospel to all of Peru. We pray for you. We thank God for you. We miss you. Your prayers, your sacrifice, and your love are greatly appreciated. Be strong and of good courage. God bless you.

For His service,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, & Samuel Rader