Larry Johns Prayer Letter:  Salvations in PrisonDear Pastor and Praying Friends,

To begin, we wish to thank you for your many years of faithful prayer and financial support. As we come closer to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, we know that “perilous times shall come.” We believe that these difficult times include increased financial pressures arising from men being “lovers of their own selves . . . lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.” We see this prevalently in the general fund and Faith Promise offerings in our churches. Lord, please help us keep our commitments to You and Your work before we keep any others.

We are convinced that God wants our ministry to America’s 2.4 million incarcerated men and women to move forward. That means that one out of every one hundred American adults is behind bars, and that number has quadrupled since 1980. Thus, “Is there not a cause?” However, we cannot continue to expand this ministry without the funds to do so. We have opportunities to hold meetings in Cleveland, Ohio, in Western Pennsylvania, and in North Central Florida; but we have had to suspend significant travel beyond our Jerusalem of approximately fifty miles due to financial constraints.

That being said, in 2013 we saw a total of 973 offenders come to Christ and another 87 baptized. In addition, we mail out and grade 50 – 75 Bible-correspondence lessons per month. Thus far in January 2014, we have seen 36 offenders trust Jesus Christ a personal Saviour, and we have baptized another 4. Make no mistake—the work will go on! Although we have a greater vision for our Prison Ministry, we do not want to get ahead of God, nor do we wish to over extend ourselves financially. Please pray
for balance.

Please pray for my health, as I incurred a head injury from an industrial garage door being accidentally closed on my head last October. This has resulted in daily head and neck pain. Also, my annual physical showed some irregularities in my endocrine and circulatory systems. I am treating them with homeopathic methods, including primarily doTERRA natural essential oils, which have been helping immensely.

In short, we have come to more greatly appreciate God’s provisions of health and finance. We know He is able and that He will prepare a table in the midst of our wilderness.

In His service,

Larry Johns