Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  A Joy to ReportIt is a joy to report what the Lord has done the last two months. In the month of May and June, we had 12 first-time visitors in our services. Through much prayer and many hours on visitation, we also were blessed to have 16 people trust Jesus as their Saviour. We celebrated Mother’s Day in both churches with a special dinner of panquecas, a Brazilian dish, and we thank the Lord for all who participated and helped. Esther stayed up late working on the decorations and gift bags for the mothers. Juan Jr. turned 13 on May 21. He has become my song leader and is doing a great job. He asked for a coffee at the mall to celebrate his birthday!

Our church has been praying for Edith for some time, and we have been burdened about a chance to share the Gospel with her. One Saturday just as our family opened the gate to leave for visitation, our neighbor’s daughter-in-law with terminal cancer arrived. We rejoice that although we were quite busy, we did not miss this divine appointment to share the Gospel with her and five other family members who were visiting from out of town and willingly received the free gift of salvation.

In June, David turned 11, and Amy and I took him out shopping with us! We also celebrated our Brazilian Valentine’s Day with a banquet in both churches. At the new church plant, we had a spaghetti dinner and were encouraged by all of the families who helped and enjoyed our first annual dinner. Esther, Roberta, and Natalia spent hours making the decorations and setting up.

Yet another event we celebrated at the end of June was our Harvest Festival. It was a lot of fun for everyone! We thank the Lord for 2 first-time visitors whom Amy and I were blessed to lead to the Saviour.

With the cold of winter upon us, we appreciate your prayers as we continue on with the construction on the new church plant. I am overseeing the construction daily and bringing in supplies as needed. I have asked the workers to enclose the walls on the building to provide protection from the very cold winter wind. There is progress being made on the two large Sunday school rooms, which we are in need of! The children’s church is meeting quietly in the back of the church during the services, where Amy teaches the children in a whisper and they sing and say their memory verses quietly. There is so much more work yet to be done! Your help is very much appreciated!

Please pray for furlough relief, as we are a year overdue for our furlough, and the needs for the church are very great. They are far beyond what we alone can carry. We thank all of you who carry these burdens and needs along with us.
While on a date just before Amy and four of the children returned to the States for her grandfather’s funeral, we prayed for opportunities to share the Gospel. Although a sorrowful time, she was blessed to spend time with her grandmother, whom she had not seen for five years, as well as many family members. It was also the first time Amy and her brother and sister and parents had been together in 11 years! Amy had the joy of sharing the Gospel with 2 family members and 3 very close friends, who eagerly accepted the Lord as their Saviour.

We covet your prayers for our family’s health. Chloe was hospitalized for pneumonia and strep, and she is now recuperating at Amy’s parents’ home. Amy is also trying to recuperate from chronic-fatigue-like symptoms. Please pray for our family to regain health and strength!

Many ask us how we can run two churches. It has not been without much sacrifice and not just by my wife and me. We labor together as a family! We thank the Lord the children do not complain when we have to pack a bag of tangerines from the open market for lunch on the way to the new church plant or because of the neverending work!

We thank the Lord the children are ready to serve the Saviour every day and in every way! May the Lord bless you as you serve Him!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family