Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Faithfulness RewardedPRAISE THE LORD!

We have been rejoicing over a long-awaited answer to prayer. For more than three years, Cassandra, a single mom with six young children, has been faithfully attending our church. She has heard the Gospel many times but has never understood. We have requested prayer for her many times; she even asked us to keep praying for her because she did want to be saved. She picked up a copy of Done, a booklet explaining the difference between religion (“do”) and Christianity (“done”) from the book table and put it in her handbag. A few weeks ago, she came across the booklet and decided to read it. She couldn’t put it down. She read it three times over a couple of days, and finally, she understood. Coming to church the next Sunday, she could not contain her excitement, exclaiming to all who would listen, “It finally clicked! It is so simple!” What a joy it was to see her face light up as she informed us all of this wonderful news! She has been reading her Bible every day and will be baptized soon. Thanks to each of you who prayed for her salvation.

We are thankful that a stream of visitors, including a few families, has attended recently. Tim, his wife, and four children, including two teenage boys, have been attending church the past several weeks. A flyer that one of our members had placed in their letterbox (legal to do in Australia) prompted them to check us out. Tim explained that they had been looking for a “good church” for quite some time. Other visitors have been returning as well.

Please pray for:

• Continued growth for the church.
• Jared, a young man heading off to Bible college this month.
• More souls to be saved.

While we must continue faithfully in our labor in reaching the lost, it is your support that greatly encourages our efforts. Thank you for helping us to reach people like Cassandra and Tim and his family. We cannot make it without you.

All for His glory, and in the service of our King,

Bro. Andrew Steers