Jonathan and Laura Bryan Prayer Letter: Our New Church PlantOUR PRAISES

We are thrilled to share that we have finally been able to start a new church in a village called Calera, located approximately 25 minutes away from us. Although we faced delays due to heavy cartel activity in the area, we firmly believed in the Lord’s leading us to plant this church focused on preaching the Word of God. It has been approximately four months since we began, and we are already witnessing the Lord’s abundant blessings. We have seen numerous visitors, and many of them have begun attending regularly. We have a special arrangement where we give them their very own Bible after their third visit, and their joy is very evident. Gratefully, we have witnessed many receiving Christ as their Saviour. Once people are saved, they bring their family members and neighbors to hear the Gospel message. We ask for you to pray sincerely for a newly married young couple, Emmanuel and Daniela, from our home church in Zacatecas. During our furlough, they have taken on the responsibility of preaching and teaching in the children’s class.


Currently, we are in the United States for a much-needed furlough. It’s been six years since we last visited the churches that have faithfully supported and prayed for us during the twenty years we’ve been working in Zacatecas, Mexico. Our sincere desire is to ignite a passion among believers in the States by encouraging them to reach out to their neighbors, family, and friends in their communities with the glorious Gospel. We hope that we can be as much of a blessing to you as you all have been to us.


• Please continue praying for the church and the new believers in Calera as they grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord. Additionally, pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters who travel to Calera each week to share the message of Christ.
• Please pray for our journey across the United States, asking for God’s protection and that we may serve as a source of blessing wherever we go.
• Remember to include our church family in Zacatecas in your prayers, especially their spiritual well-being during our absence. Lastly, keep Bro. Ibarra in your prayers as he fills the pulpit.

His servants by His grace,

Jonathan, Laura, & Wyatt Bryan