Jon and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: Teen Soul Winning StartedWe praise the Lord that the COVID situation in Thailand has greatly improved. The country has also recently lifted all restrictions involving travel. Unfortunately, the government recently signed a new law into effect concerning taking photos of people and sharing them publicly or online. Because of this new law, we will not be able to share as many pictures of the people we don’t personally know until we know exactly how the legalities may affect us.

God continues to do a work in Hua Hin and Thailand. We praise Him for those who have trusted Christ, been baptized, and chosen to follow the Lord. Recently on a Thursday night, Tan, Nong Best, and I were out sharing the Gospel with an older gentleman. We were able to talk with him for a long time and hear his life story. After hearing the story of Jesus, he decided to place his trust in Him for eternity in Heaven. Praise the Lord! The two girls who came because of the city canvassing project have since been baptized and have continued to attend church. Several others in the area have also trusted Christ and come to church. Tan and Nong Best gave the Gospel to the girls’ 82-year-old grandma when we returned to the neighborhood to witness to people. The grandmother also decided to trust Christ to save her from her sins. When we went back to visit her later on, her daughter said that she had passed away from a brain aneurism just two days after she was saved. I’m so thankful the Lord led us to share the Gospel with her before she passed into eternity. May we all be faithful in being witnesses for Him.

Tan, a young man on our church staff, recently started an organized time for his preteen Sunday school class and the teen group to go out soul winning on Saturdays. He took time to teach them how to approach people and how to use the Bible to share their faith. Every Saturday, about eight young people have been going out and preaching the Gospel. Through their willingness to be a witness, the teens have seen several people trust Christ! One week when I joined them, two teenage boys were saved. It is encouraging to see the next generation understanding the need of sharing the Gospel. This month, I will start an additional weekly Thai lesson with Tan, focusing more on biblical vocabulary to use in witnessing and Bible teaching.

Please continue to pray for our family as we rear our sons, preach the Gospel, focus on learning the Thai language, and teach the young people. Please also pray for Ajan Sakrapee (our Thai pastor) and me, as we will be traveling to Northern Thailand to attend a preaching conference with other like-minded preachers. I’m excited to meet other faithful missionaries and national pastors serving in Thailand.

I’m encouraged to know that God is with us. We desire to go with God as we preach His Word. I pray that you all are well. We are so grateful for every person who faithfully prays for us and gives so we can serve the Lord in Thailand!

In His service,

Jonathan, Brittany, Judah, and Archer Beil