Mshama and Martha Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Bible Club Kids' DayGod has been so good to us. We are honored that we get to serve Him and represent you all in Tanzania. We are currently still Stateside, and we have started our furlough to our supporting churches out West. So far, we have been in seven churches. What a renewed spirit we have had at every one of those churches. We went to encourage them, but they in turn have encouraged us tremendously. What examples they are of faithfulness and of pressing on to reach each of their cities for Christ. We will continue to visit our supporting churches until mid-September.

Ministry Continues in Tanzania:
As you know, the ministry in Tanzania must continue. Our Thursday night Mikese service is growing. One of our church members from there donated a piece of property, and we were able to build a small church on it with just tarps and some iron roofing. It is small, but it’s a start—and at least it’s theirs. We are looking forward to seeing how God will grow that area. We also have several Saturday Bible Clubs that meet in different areas on Saturdays. To be an encouragement to the kids, we had a Bible Club Kids’ Day on June 18. All of our Bible Clubs came together at the church. There were games, food, and preaching; 67 kids came, with 7 trusting Christ.

Soul-Winning/Divine Appointment:
I was at a conference in Colorado. The family I was staying with had an African family on their bus route, and only the teenage boy spoke English. They asked him what language the rest of his family spoke, and he told them it was Swahili. Now, my host family knew I was from Africa, but they didn’t know what language I spoke. Once they found out, we all went over to the family’s house, and I was able to lead the grandmother to the Lord.

Prayer Requests:
• Pray for safety as we travel.
• Pray that we can be a blessing and an encouragement to our supporting churches.
• Pray that the few new churches we will visit will be willing and able to take us on for support.
• Pray that we have fun as a family and make great lasting memories.

Thank you all so much for the love and kindness you always show to my family through all the cards, emails, texts, etc. We sure do appreciate the time you spend on us. Please know that we would love for you all to come visit and see firsthand what God is doing over here in Tanzania.

For His glory,

Mshama, Martha, Esther, Benjamin, Rachel, & Sarah Kinyonga