James and Linda Belisle Prayer Letter: Review and Rejoice!As I close out the year, I want to thank each of you for your faithful prayers and financial support. As I mentioned in previous letters, this year has been my busiest year as far as my overseas travel is concerned. Your prayers and financial support are what made all of these trips a reality.

Nigeria in February

I was able to visit 2 cities in Nigeria and preach for 2 Nigerian pastors in their Soul-Winning and Leadership Conferences. During my stay there, I ministered with 5 different missionaries.

Mexico in April

I was able to go to Mexico and preach/teach 14 times for 2 missionaries in the city of Guadalajara. I had a great time going out with one of the missionaries for their street meeting, where many got saved.

Central America in May

I was able to take a trip, visiting 3 different Central American countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Each missionary in these 3 Central American countries has been in their respective countries from 18 to 26 years. It was a great blessing to see the vision each missionary had and to see how God had blessed their ministries.

Canada in June

Linda was able to travel with me to visit 3 missionaries in Canada. Just like the missionaries in Central America, 2 of these missionaries have ministered in Canada for around 20 years. Thank God for faithful missionaries!

Congo in August

Though this trip was short, we praise God for the close to 40 people who got saved during our trip. Since this trip, I have been sending discipleship lessons to a Christian living in the Congo.

Argentina in September

I preached a total of 22 times in 9 days at 4 different churches and a Bible college. At least 25 were saved at one church during the invitations. Another 5 raised their hands for salvation while preaching at a church in the city of Familla. I preached the one-year anniversary of a church in the city of Termas, and scores indicated they got saved.

Nigeria in October

I returned to Nigeria to preach in another Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference. This trip started out with my preaching in 2 churches on the first Sunday in the country. I then went down to Port Huron for the conference. From there, we went to Ibadan, where I was able to preach the anniversary service for Pastor Jide at the Independent Baptist Church. About 20 (at least) came forward, mostly young people, saying they wanted to be saved. It was wonderful to see many people get baptized. I was also able to preach the ordination service for 2 young men.

Philippines in November

I finished off the year preaching a Missions Conference and church anniversary (see pictures below) at the Mactan Independent Baptist Church in the city of Lapu Lapu. At least 5 got saved in the Sunday services.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please pray for my 2024 schedule, which already includes 4 trips.

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle