Daniel and Erin Lang Prayer Letter: Another Opportunity!Happy New Year! Over the Christmas break, we were able to spend a lot of time together as a family! We spent a few days between Christmas and New Year’s at a nice hotel in town, where we were able to relax with some of the other missionary families we get the opportunity to serve alongside. We are also thankful for the technology that helps us to be able to see those we love across the ocean, especially during the holidays. Thank you to those who sent cards, financial gifts, and messages; we felt very loved and appreciated!

As the new year is now underway, we are once again busy with the opportunities that God is putting in front of us. Erin is making very good progress in learning sign language! Very soon, she will try her hand at signing during the congregational singing. She is also continuing to teach piano to two of our faithful young ladies in the church. I am teaching once again in our Bible institute. Recently, while making follow-up visits on some of our church guests, I had the opportunity to lead a man and his wife to the Lord! Please pray, as I am working with four of our young seminary/church staff men (recently graduated from our seminary). I am trying to help them as they navigate this next phase of their lives and continue to prepare for whatever God has for them.

A new opportunity has presented itself. In short, two of the other missionary families, Pastor Adewale (one of our national pastors), and I will be conducting Missions Camps, specifically targeting the Nigerian youth. We are praying that through the teaching and preaching on the subject of the Great Commission, God will work on the hearts of the young people, and they will surrender to whatever it is that God has for each of them. These camps will be held in February, March, and June of this year in three different parts of Nigeria (West, Mid-North, and Southeast), and each of them will be hosted by a pastor and his local church. They will be three-day camps, with the campers staying on site each night. With the feeding, lodging, transportation, and other expenses, we believe each camp will cost about $700. We are asking that you would consider praying for and giving financially to help with this opportunity. If you are willing to pray, give, or do both, please reach out to me so that I can give you specific dates and update you with the results of your investment.

We are greatly looking forward to what God will do in 2023! Thank you for all that you are doing in the place to which God has called you. We know that it takes folks like you to send folks like us!

In His service,

Daniel, Erin, Ezekiel, and Gianna Lang