Christopher and Amy Yetzer Prayer Letter: From Brain Surgery to BaptismSince our last letter, we held a baptism at our church. Our daughter Charlotte got baptized, as well as the Italian man mentioned previously who lives more than an hour north of Milano. He contacted us through the ministry of another Italian who makes online videos teaching the Bible. Before his baptism, we spent several weeks meeting with him, alternating between his town and Milano. He is a walking miracle. He has been through several brain surgeries and many trials in his life. We are blessed to have a part in helping him with his relationship with God. On that note, our portable baptistery continues to hold up well, and we are grateful to have it.

In September, a new church plant will be started in Southern Italy. We have mentioned Bro. Fausto D’Amelio before. Between deputation and spreading the word locally, the D’Amelio family is preparing to start Light Baptist Church in Foggia. Pray for the progress and effectiveness of this new church in Italy. Also pray for Fausto and his wife Maria Pia, as they are expecting their first child. If anyone is interested in coming and helping with the church plant, please let us know.

Summer is always slower in the big city of Milano, as many people take their families into the mountains or to the sea or lakes. Sometimes this has the advantage of there being less to occupy the people that remain here. We continue to go soul winning in the streets and parks. Pray for our efforts to share the good news of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice for mankind.

Amy’s citizenship documents arrived with a slight difference in the translation, which the town hall would not accept. After we had the translation changed and certified, we gave it again to the town hall. Now we have to wait to see if everything is approved, which may take months or years (we are hopeful that it is the first). Meanwhile, we are searching for a house. Our situation in Italy is somewhat unique and complicated, not only for a mortgage but also for renting. Because of the friendly approach the government takes towards squatters, many landlords require job contracts from Italian companies as a sort of surety that the rent will get paid. Some are even requiring a contract for both the wife and the husband. We are currently seeking options to purchase a house, but if purchasing falls through, we will have to seek to rent. The price of housing and living in Milan (the New York City of Italy) has continued to increase. Praise the Lord that we have not had our rent changed from when we moved in 12 years ago, but as our family needs have expanded, along with inflation and other expenses, a new rental contract will certainly cost more than we can currently afford. We realize that these challenges are ones that families are facing all around the world, and we are thankful for your prayers and support of our family, which help us to live and minister here. We have seen God, time and time again, provide for our needs, and we are excited for yet another opportunity for Him. Thank you to those who have given extra towards some of these needs. We are grateful and humbled.

Missionaries to the people of Italy,

Christopher, Amy, William, AnnMarie, and Charlotte Yetzer