Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  Fruit That AboundsIn May, we were able to visit the southernmost portion of Texas. We had a great time at a conference and also visiting the other churches in the area. The people of the area were so open to the Gospel! We both were able to lead several people to the Lord while out soul winning with the churches.

While we were near the border, two of Irene’s sisters were able to come visit with us for a few days. We also traveled to Progreso, Mexico, a couple of times. We were able to take the Lagos family, missionaries to the Philippines, with us one of these times on their first trip together into Mexico.

In June, we received word that Irene’s 92-year-old uncle had fallen and broken his hip. He was the one who had encouraged Irene to attend Hyles-Anderson College. She was able to go visit him and be with him in the hospital. They did not expect him to survive the needed surgery, but he did. Unfortunately, he passed away five days later. Irene was able to attend his funeral at the Independent Baptist church where he had served as a song leader and a Sunday school teacher for over 30 years. Many family members attended, and Irene was able to lead two of her nephews to the Lord. He was a very loved part of the church and family and will be missed, but we know he is waiting to meet us in Heaven.

While attending the FBMI Candidate School in July, we were able to meet with our board director and field service representatives regarding our deputation progress. We are excited to be able to tell you that we have reached 90% of our needed support! We will be setting our departure date when we reach 95%, but we are confident that we will be leaving for Peru full-time somewhere around the end of the year. We are very excited that we are almost there, and the rest of our team is excited that we will be joining them soon.

Your partners in Christ,

Chris and Irene Williams