Charlie Vest Prayer Letter: Missions-Emphasis MonthSeptember was once again Missions-Emphasis Month at First Baptist Church, Lewiston, Michigan. For the third year in a row, I was privileged to speak, and the folks responded by increasing their giving by over 30% and allowing the church to take on new missionary families. Thank the Lord for the vision of this church to do more for missions each year!

Recent projects have included providing musical instruments for a church in the Philippines, raising a small amount of money for a land purchase, supplying TAN materials to pastors in a Remote Access Nation, and providing online training for college students. Pray that the Lord will give us more opportunities to be a help and a blessing.

Word reaches us daily about the many challenges that COVID-19 presents to national pastors and missionaries around the world. Some missionaries are not able to leave their countries or return to their mission fields, families are not able to be together, churches can’t meet, and support is not sufficient. In our own case, we have had a marked reduction in support for A.W.B.M. this year and ask for your prayers for this to increase so we can continue to support and facilitate our national pastors throughout Asia.

Please pray fervently for Dr. Ed Tutton, the founder of Teaching All Nations, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer just last month. He has begun radiation treatment and is on an experimental cancer drug that can hopefully prolong his life. We have worked with the TAN materials since their inception, and Bro. Tutton has allowed us to have a big part in promoting it throughout Asia. Please pray for the future of TAN.

We are living in difficult and challenging times, but it is wonderful to know that our Lord has everything under control. Our health is improving, we are safe and content, and we are optimistic that 2021 will be our best year yet for partnering to reach the almost 4 billion lost souls throughout Asia.

We hope you all have a blessed holiday season. Thank you for your continued partnership, prayers, and financial support.

The Vest Family
Charlie, Kay, and Brianna