Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  Thank You for 2018 Blessings . . . Looking on to 2019Thank you for your care, prayers, and support for our ministry during such a pivotal year of our family’s return into Thailand. We are elated to be here and serving the Lord on your behalf. Our 2018 finished with a wonderful Christmas church service of nearly 300 in attendance. Our teen class is seeing very faithful and growing young people who are coming to learn and serve. Without asking, our teenagers consistently help with events and activities, especially on special/big days like our Christmas church service. Our re-enactment of the story of the birth of Jesus, gifts for both adults and kids, along with special food, made the church day extra amazing. At least 20 were saved, with many first-time visitors. Sarah and I have had the privilege of running Junior Church for the last few weeks. Sarah orchestrates the songs, games, and activities. Jack, one of our growing teenagers, does the memory verse, while I handle the preaching.

Early on in Junior Church on December 23, I preached and gave an invitation to be saved to all of the 70 children. We had a group of children raise their hands and come with us to a room where the Gospel could be clearly explained without interruption. Brother Tan translated for me, and several received Jesus. When we were finished, the kids rejoined Junior Church for the rest of the service. One of the girls, Nong Ploy, came up to Sarah and me once the service was completely finished. She told us that she wanted to know how to be saved. She also wanted her friend to learn. These girls had somehow missed the invitation earlier, but Sarah sat down with both of them and gave a clear Gospel presentation. Grins from ear to ear, with the joy only Jesus can give, radiated on their faces afterward.

Every year Thailand celebrates Children’s Day. Many businesses offer something special for kids in the form of freebies or discounts every second Saturday in January. Our church and team prepare our own specials for kids in the form of prizes and bounce houses. Most importantly, Jack and I led many visiting children to the Lord. Afterwards, several small gifts were given to all the kids, two bikes were raffled off, and two very large bounce houses were blown up in back of the church—we bounced before we ate. The team made a lot of special plans and purchases to make the day flow happily and safely. With all of the different vehicles used each Sunday, we praise our Lord for the safety given over the year; please pray that this continues. But back to Children’s Day Sunday, it’s a special time for our church to reach out to the kids of the Hua Hin area and love on them.

One Saturday morning, Jack and I went to visit some of the teens in our class. Pee Jim was waiting for us, as she wanted her older sister to hear the Gospel. Pee Pasataa manages a nearby seafood restaurant, complete with holding tanks and reservoirs for the seafood. At the restaurant, you pick your creature alive, and then they cook it. Within view are the boats that bring in the seafood every day. The restaurant is very busy in the evenings, but at 11 a.m., things were quiet. Pee Pasataa’s heart was open to repentance and receiving the Lord. Her sister, Pee Jim, a long-time Christian, has a niece and nephew who attend our teen class faithfully, Nong Nom and Nong Job. Pray for growth in Pee Pasataa. Please also pray for Pee Jim, as she opened a new noodle restaurant to help her family’s income.

For additional prayer requests, we ask that you would pray for growth all around in 2019. Discipleship and investing in our people will be a focus. Continued language growth will be another focus. Soul winning will always be front and center. We hope the Lord is blessing your new year. Thank you for your heart and part in missions!


Bro. Chad Inman