Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  “. . . and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever . . . .”“. . . and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever . . . .” (Psalm 117:2)

Thank you for praying for us as we prepare for Thailand. Our family is excited to reunite with our team and churches to further the work and to serve faithfully. Our takeoff date for Thailand is April 26, 2018. Support has steadily come in, nearing 96% with commitments. The month of March has been full of encouraging meetings, including support by churches we visited over 14 months ago (O ye of little faith—to me). We praise the Lord, as we thank Him and thank you for support, prayers, and backing.


In New Port Richey, Florida, at Bible Baptist Church with Pastor Matthew Stidham, I had the honor of going soul winning with Jim, a man who has dedicated himself to training in order to learn how to win souls to Jesus. After the Saturday morning Sword of the Lord training, Jim and I conquered a few blocks of Daphne Street, where we came across Zach, Alex, Alex, and Anderson. Zach was visiting from a nearby city, and the four boys were playing ball in the street. These boys listened well as the Gospel was given and, with full understanding, wanted to pray and ask Jesus to save them from their sins and take them to Heaven when their lives were over here on earth. The boys believed, with child-like faith, that Jesus, the Bible, Heaven, and Hell are real. Thankfully, each of these boys can live their lives with hope, knowing that on March 24, 2018, their decisions and commitments were made for good. During the rest of our visits, Jim was able to give excerpts of his testimony to two different men. What a blessing it is to see a man, later in life, take up the mantle and boldly follow the Lord in winning souls.

In Marion, Indiana, at Lighthouse Baptist Church with Pastor Ronald Hon, over 20 people came forward to surrender to God’s will for their lives. What a special time it was! Dr. Mike Cox, the founder of FBMI, preached the conference, while Pastor Hon conducted the invitation. Also, one of my Thailand teammates, Bro. Jon Beil, attended the conference, and we were able to connect and encourage one another.

Throughout deputation, we have two supporting churches that have gone through a fire, devastating their buildings: Union City Baptist Temple (Pastor Tony Keeton) and Ambassador Baptist Church (Pastor Danny Allen). Both churches are nearing completion of the rebuilding, but more amazingly, the churches have made extra efforts to support and maintain missions giving when there would be a lot of reasons to hold off and rebuild the church. Please continue to pray for these churches and their pastors as the greatness of God shines forth through rebuilding and reaching out to their communities.

Answered Prayers & Requests

In preparation for Thailand, the Lord has provided our plane tickets, a place to live, and transportation in Thailand (one of our faithful Thai men has taken care of our truck for over two years as he uses it for the Lord). Our team has also worked hard to prepare the necessary paperwork to enter the country and stay legally for long periods of time (certainly not an easy or automatic thing). We want to serve our team, people, and churches with the best of our abilities and, of course, with the Lord’s strength and direction. We ask for your prayers in safety, health, learning, settlement, and a repeat of the joy we experienced serving in the years past. With Thailand being home, we want it to be even more so, having the support and prayers of so many of you.

Thank you again for pulling for us. We also thank and appreciate our sending church, along with FBMI, for their dedication and commitment to our family, ministry, and care. May you all have a wonderful April, and we look forward to updating you soon.

Grateful to serve,